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Although breast augmentations are among the most popular cosmetic surgery treatments worldwide, many people are unaware of the risks associated with the practice. There are a few potential issues and side effects that need to be managed and minimised.

A breast lift is typically done to boost self-confidence and improve self-image by reducing fat, excess skin or sagging breasts. However, the recovery phase can be depressing for patients because they must wear bandages and temporarily avoid some common activities. It is vital to understand that this is typical and that recovering after breast surgery involves a number of steps. The overall success of the treatment might be increased more than any other step by taking good care of your body as it heals.

Here, Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors takes a look at the risks of breast augmentation surgery and to help you decide whether they are worth undergoing the procedure. 

What are the risks? 

There will be scarring following a breast lift treatment that needs to heal. This occurs frequently in many other types of surgery and could lead to short-term pain and sensitivity. There may be more sensitive or painful areas of the breasts where the procedure was performed, despite the fact that this discomfort can be felt to varying degrees throughout the entire chest. Even while scars may be permanent or persist for years after surgery, if they are able to heal properly, they should significantly reduce in size and prominence over time.

Due to the anaesthetic wearing off, you can feel some moderate discomfort or soreness after the treatment. There will always be some soreness following any surgery, even though medical professionals can administer or recommend medications to ease it.

Swelling happens frequently during the healing process. As a result, the breasts might not be equal or may take on new, different shapes as the healing process progresses. However, this is typically less severe and should improve 6 to 12 weeks following your surgery. You should visit a doctor if swelling does not go down when the wound heals in its latter stages.

Other risks of breast augmentation surgery include: 

  • The implant leaking caused by a rupture 
  • Noticeable creases and/or rippling in the implant
  • Infection that requires the implant(s) to be removed
  • Being unable to breast-feed or producing less milk than before the surgery
  • Nerve damage 

While some of these problems can be quickly and temporarily solved, others will require more focus. If you have any of these problems after your breast augmentation, it is imperative that you contact your surgeon to arrange a follow-up appointment. A qualified surgeon should be able to walk you through these issues and provide you with wise guidance.

What to do while you are healing

Following a surgical breast lift, a smaller dressing will be placed over the lower breasts before the wounds are first covered with surgical tape. The dressing must be worn for ten days, then your doctor should remove them to check on the healing.  After that, three weeks of wearing a surgical bra are required. This will keep the breasts in their original shape, preventing the weight of the breasts from impeding healing.

Patients recover at different rates, and bumps, bangs, and strain can all slow down the process—things you should try to avoid. Although the recovery period can last up to 12 weeks, several variables may cause it to go longer. It is normally advised to take a week off work after a breast lift.

Frequent use of scar gel and gentle massaging of the injured tissue will aid in the reduction of inflammation, and liberal application of sunblock will diminish the impact of the sun’s rays, which can change the appearance of scars as they heal by causing the skin to tighten.

So, is it worth the risks? 

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To lower the chances of anything going seriously wrong, we believe everyone should make their own decision before getting any kind of cosmetic treatment done and make sure they visit a renowned, safe surgeon. Take your time while selecting whether to get breast augmentation because risk reduction is an important consideration in all decisions. If you believe that you have been the victim of dangerous or careless cosmetic surgery, speak with a cosmetic surgery solicitor for guidance. 

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