Liam Payne has shocked fans with his dramatic new look. The English singer now rocks a chiseled jaw and slimmer face. We investigate whether the changes to his appearance were the result of cosmetic surgery.

Liam Payne’s New Look

As noted by Just Jared, Liam Payne was one of the guests at the premiere of Louis Tomlinson’s new documentary, All of Those Voices. The event took place Thursday night in Cineworld Leicester Square in London.

Fans were quick to notice that the former One Direction member has a remarkably angular, more contoured jaw and suspected that he underwent buccal fat removal. The procedure, which has gained popularity among celebrities in recent years, is a surgery in which fat around a person’s cheeks is removed for aesthetic reasons.

Back in 2021, Liam Payne complained about his facial features, saying that he felt his face was “bloated”. The bloating of his face was supposedly a result of him gaining weight from partying and excessively consuming alcohol.

“I put a lot of weight on,” said the singer. “What got me, I did one performance on TV with the BAFTAs and I was disappointed with myself. I didn’t look how I wanted to look.”

Liam Payne and girlfriend

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Cosmetic Surgeons Weighed In

Several cosmetic surgeons have spoken with Page Six to comment on Liam Payne’s drastic new appearance. A celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. Ramtin Kassir, commented that Payne’s face is now less chubby and “looks model-ish and rugged”. Another surgeon chimed in that Payne’s facial structure has become more masculine. Overall, the cosmetic surgery experts Page Six consulted seem to agree that the British star could have used fillers and injections to achieve a sharper look to his jawline, especially on his chins and lips. It is also possible that he received liposuction treatment.

Dr. Kassir cautioned that buccal fat removal, the most likely treatment Liam Payne might have gotten to sculpt his face, is only suitable for “those who are generally fit, have a good diet, exercise plan and weight control, but their face is round.”

Pamela Weinberger, an injector at Plump Cosmetics, advised that some fullness to the face is actually desirable because it can give a person a youthful look. While buccal fat removal is irreversible, hyaluronic acid and collagen fillers could be an option should the need to return to a fuller face arise.

Liam Payne in the premiere of Tomlinson's new documentary

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