“You got a dream, you go to protect it.” With even a little sense of motivation these words can prove to be life-altering, and a living breathing attestation is the man who said these words, Chris Gardner. 

From being to becoming, Chris Gardner stayed true to his aspirations, and changed his life around from being a subject to homelessness and poverty to a millionaire. He was someone who came with little to no opportunity; with many societal prejudices weighing him down; socialized into believing he had no father, by his step father; facing hardships as a single parent; accommodating his own and the life of his child in a bathroom- seemingly the odds were working against him. Yet, he had the determination and willingness to work for a better future. More importantly, he had the courage and permission to Dream. 

The author of ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’, has recently published his autobiography, ‘Permission to Dream’. This book is a literal blueprint of turning dreams into reality, and focusing on making the notion of “one day” into today. It’s an edict of everlasting advice on how it’s never too late to follow your passion.  

Today, Chris Gardner is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and philanthropist, an inspiration to us all. He faced the struggles of parenthood, desperately wanting to provide a better and stable environment for his child to grow up in. Additionally, batting the struggles of establishing a sound career. All the while, sporting the identity of a person of color, black, in a country that consistently denies him the right to rise above the stature of the society they so despairingly want to confine him in. He owned it, and decided to change it. He believed that he could do anything he wanted, so he took action. Moreover, the world is witness to the reform he brought about, not only in his life, but in the lives of countless others whose dreams are rejuvenated by his words and example.

In a time of globalisation and constant technological advancements, a new definition of competition has been recognised. People are grinding to have their mark on the world. Thus, pay heed to his advice, “Become world class at whatever you do with your life. Not good at it, not pretty good at it, but world class at it.” Amid creating a new Universal Dream that focuses on Empowerment not Entitlement for us to redirect our efforts to achieving our ambitions, and striking a balance between success and happiness. 

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