A healthy mindset is the most important factor to one’s happiness and ease of life! Understanding how to foster a healthy mindset is key, and simple, it just takes time.

Each day presents new challenges and issues, and our ability to approach them with a healthy mindset is what allows us to make vital decisions while remaining relaxed and joyful. The question becomes how does one achieve having a healthy mindset and what does having a healthy mindset look/feel like?

Understand What Makes You Happy And Unhappy

Taking the time to really understand what makes you happy is single-handedly the most important thing to fostering a healthy mindset. Getting to know yourself on a deep level will allow you to better understand how you feel when situations arise. It also helps you know what your priorities are. This sounds simple, but is rather difficult and will take some time. While a lot of it will rely on being intuitive, asking yourself questions will help you realize what you truly care for. Very important questions to ask are ones addressed to your future self. For example, ask your future self something like “will the future Me accept and understand what I am about to do. Will they like it? If they wouldn’t like it, can I provide a convincing case for why they should?

Once you know what makes you happy and unhappy, you will be armed with the tools needed to help you tackle issues with the right mindset. You will know what you can’t lose, and your greatest wants are. Having this understanding you will know what is the outcome that is best for you and indicate what you should be working towards.

Work With Emotions Not Fight Them

For several millennia it has been thought that emotions and logic can’t work together, this simply isn’t true. Human logic is in fact dictated by their emotions i.e. I want a Gucci bag, but I prefer not being broke, therefore I will not buy the bag as I want to have food to eat for the next several weeks more than I want to carry that bag with me. This is the breakdown of what most people consider logic, but what logic really is, is knowing what is more important to you, otherwise known as self-interest.

Similar to the first step, a great way to come to understand your self-interest is by questioning your emotions, and to work with them rather than fight them. You feel a certain way depending on how much a certain thing means to you and whether that feeling is positive or negative. This becomes more complicated to understand as the emotion brings up conflicting thoughts. Extreme ends of this are known as dilemmas, but dilemmas only exist when one is unable to conclude which option is better for the individual.

Your emotions will tell you a lot about what it is that you care about most and how you feel towards certain things. What is important when taking your current emotions into account is comparing them against your future emotions.

Ask Yourself Why Are You Doing This

Our last tip to help guide yourself to a healthy mindset is asking yourself why you are doing something. This will also help you realize what you enjoy doing and what you don’t enjoy doing. You will find that when you do this, tasks that you have to do which are unpleasant become more doable as you not only understand why you are doing the action but agree with why you are doing the action. Finally, asking this question will help you keep a more level head when things go wrong as you will not only have done the best you could have in that decision-making but also because being sad and upset are unproductive feelings. Instead accepting the unfortunate circumstance and doing what makes you happiest in that situation will greatly help you live a better life.

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