Over the years, Birmingham has transformed from a humble market town into an industrial hub and now a booming metropolis that’s overflowing with opportunity. It’s an important center for finance, education, and transport, as well as being home to renowned cultural institutions. With so much going for it, it should come as no surprise that Birmingham is becoming an increasingly sought-after place to live with a booming rental market. 

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This article looks at the ins and outs of the city’s housing market, touching on everything from current rental prices to the best neighborhoods for rentals. It’s a useful resource for not only tenants but also prospective landlords looking to invest in real estate

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Average rental prices in Birmingham

Currently, the average price of a two-bedroom rental in Birmingham is around £1,500 per calendar month. One-bedroom flats can be found for around £1,000 per month while three-bedroom properties are £1,750. Renters looking for four or five-bedroom houses should expect to pay in excess of £2,000 per month. 

The vast majority of properties available for rent in Birmingham are flats/apartments, with the remainder being terraced, semi-detached, or detached houses. There are also a handful of private rooms to rent for tenants who don’t mind sharing communal spaces, as well as recently trending split-level homes. Generally speaking, prices increase with square footage and the amount of privacy on offer. 

Rentola is a user-friendly resource for those who want to delve deeper into Birmingham’s rental market and check current prices. This reliable website is your go-to rental platform, with listings across all of the city’s neighborhoods. As a registered user at Rentola, you can tailor searches by location, budget, and number of bedrooms, then browse hundreds of rentals in Birmingham. Prices at Rentola start from as little as 120 euros a month, making it an affordable platform for everyone wanting to find their dream home. 

Best neighborhoods to rent in Birmingham

From lively downtown areas to quiet, suburban enclaves, Birmingham offers a diverse mix of neighborhoods for renters to choose from. When searching for the perfect place to live, location is important. While Birmingham City Centre promises easy access to restaurants and nightlife, many of the surrounding neighborhoods boast leafy parks that provide an escape from the hustle and bustle.

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Birmingham City Centre

With so much to do, Birmingham City Centre is ideal for those seeking the excitement of urban living. Professionals will appreciate the proximity to major employers and the abundance of luxurious apartments. In addition to the area’s vibrant restaurant scene, the shopping opportunities range from massive flagship stores to local designers. Whether you want to be steps from the office or in the middle of all the action, there are plenty of places to rent in Birmingham City Centre at Rentola.

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True to its name, Eastside stretches east of Birmingham’s bustling City Centre and is energized by a thriving student scene. Birmingham City University and Aston University both call the area “home”, as does the cutting-edge science museum of Thinktank. Despite its abundance of campus buildings, the neighborhood still has room for Eastside City Park, an oasis of green space and playgrounds that appeal to local families.


Nestled southwest of Birmingham City Centre is the suburb of Harborne, which centers around a lively high street lined with shops to satisfy all tastes. Aside from its one-of-a-kind boutiques, Harborne is home to an array of eateries, from cozy cafes to classic English pubs. A recently opened pool and fitness center offers an impressive selection of wellness facilities, adding to the community’s distinct appeal as a rental locale. 

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On the northside of Birmingham lies the neighborhood of Aston, which is steeped in history and culture. Football fans will recognize it as the home of Aston Villa, one of the oldest professional clubs in the UK. Beyond the world of sports, Aston charms with architectural treasures like the Jacobean-style Aston Hall and boasts a lively student atmosphere thanks to Aston University. Combining urban vibrancy with old English charm, Aston is one of Birmingham’s most appealing places to rent.


Once known as a “rough” neighborhood, Ladywood has transformed into a hotspot for young professionals seeking city living with character. Sleek high-rise apartments now tower over the streets, bringing an influx of new renters eager to make the most of the prime location. Ladywood lies on the doorstep of Broad Street’s pulsing nightlife, making it the perfect place for young party goers to rent. 

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Once crowned the best place to live in the UK, Solihull encompasses several charming villages on the outskirts of Birmingham. It enjoys a laid-back atmosphere thanks to its riverside setting, together with a welcoming community vibe. With its half-timbered Tudor houses and historic stone churches, Solihull definitely has architectural appeal and is one of the most expensive places to rent in the West Midlands. 

A wealth of opportunities

Whether you’re a tenant looking for a new rental or a landlord considering an investment property, Birmingham offers a wealth of opportunities. Before taking the plunge, consider the pros and cons of the city’s distinct neighborhoods when it comes to lifestyle and budget, then take advantage of Rentola’s huge database to find a property. 

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