Learn all about the dynamic sister duo and their sold-out, in-demand line of delicious cakes!

Meet Organic Bytes! This delicious lineup of nutrient-dense, organic, vegan, gluten, lactose, and dairy-free cakes was created by Muslim sisters, Yasaman and Samira Haj-Shafiei. Today, HOLR is sitting down to chat with Yasaman and Samira to discuss their growing venture and how their shared values of producing top quality products with healthy, organic, and nutrient-dense ingredients have led to them pursuing a lifelong dream.

Your lineup of sold-out cakes are not only delicious but absolutely beautiful! Can you walk us through your respective backgrounds and collective journey to bringing Organic Bytes to life?

We are two sisters, with the mutual dream of having delicious, and luxe cakes that are made from healthy, organic, and nutrient-dense ingredients readily available. Samira, a chemical engineer, who was always looking for a wholesome offering when it came to her family celebrations with her two young girls, and Yasaman a graduate of the Rotman school of business, infused in the health and wellness world and realizing the lack of nutrient-dense yet BEAUTIFUL options when it came to cakes. Both of us living on opposite sides of the country decided to finally offer a solution for our needs during the pandemic and with that Organic Bytes was born.

 It is so inspiring that this lifelong dream has come to fruition! What makes Organic Bytes so unique in terms of the ingredients you use to create your cakes?

We believe in indulging in wholesome and organic foods and that’s why we use the most nutrient-rich and highest-quality ingredients in our cakes. Simplicity and clean ingredients are the cornerstones of our offering! We don’t compromise anything to make our cakes Gluten Free and Dairy Free (like using starches and flours that you wouldn’t want in your body) but instead use nutrient-dense ingredients like almond flour, coconut flour, oat flour, arrowroot starch, and more. We don’t even use vegan butter in our buttercream as a lot of times that vegan butter is subbed with a lot of unknowns! Instead, we use fresh organic cashews and coconut oil to make our vanilla cashew frosting or use Medjool dates and almond butter to make our chocolate frosting. No refined sugars are used, we instead use coconut sugar, dates, maple syrup, date sugar, and monk fruit sugar. We ensure every single ingredient is holistically good for you and your health (both mental and physical) to always feel amazing, even when you’re having a cake. 

Can you tell us about some of the different cakes we can shop from the brand? 

All our designs can be found on our website (we also take custom orders). Our best sellers are our cashew painstroke design and our organic edible flower petal design. For our sponges, we offer a variety of options, but some of our customers’ favorites are our:

GF, DF Simply Perfect Vanilla Cake– which the name says it all, it’s a simple yet perfectly nourishing cake.

GF, DF O’Noir Chocolate Cake– Indulge in chocolaty goodness with our GF Paleo Chocolate cake.

Gluten-Free Veggies & Spice & Everything Nice– Get a kick into the fall spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice), with our zucchini and sweet potato cake! Sweetened only with sweet potato and maple syrup and pairs well with our cashew cream vanilla frosting.

The three frosting flavours we offer are Cashew Vanilla, Coconut Vanilla, and Date Chocolate frosting.

How can we order a cake from Organic Bytes?

You can order on our website, www.shoporganicbytes.com. We’ve made our ordering system very convenient; customers order through our e-commerce shop, select their preferred delivery date and time, and their cake(s) get delivered to them accordingly. 

With the holiday season coming up, can you hint at any exciting launches planned?

We are so excited about the holiday season coming up, helping people celebrate with yummy, nourishing cakes! We love to take the flavours of the season and really incorporate them in our cakes and their designs. Using pumpkins, cinnamon, pecans, and more for our fall and thanksgiving offerings, and we’ve got some cranberry goodness in the works for the December and January holidays. 

What’s next for Organic Bytes?

As we work in bettering our e-commerce offering in both Toronto and Calgary, we are also exploring launching in exclusive retail, and hospitality partners as well as a make at home line extension of dry goods and mixes.

Published by HOLR Magazine.