We get all of our style tips from celebrities but the best one has to be the simplest. A black blazer should be in everyone’s closet, especially since it is in every celeb’s closet. Some celebs have thought outside the box or super simple when it comes to putting outfits together that involves a black blazer. 

The black blazer is timeless, effortless and all-around the best jacket one could wear. From dressing it all the way up to dress it down, a black blazer completes an outfit and makes it oh-so-chic. 

A black blazer does more for a woman than it does for a man. When it comes to formal items all men can really wear are suits, so as an everyday item, a black blazer doesn’t do much. But, for a woman, a black blazer goes above and beyond, and truly makes the statement you’re looking for. 

There are a million ways to wear a black blazer, some are in a formal sense, like classic with matching trouser, or in a chic way, like over jeans or by itself. These celebs have nailed the black blazer look, and you should try them. 


Emily Ratajkowski is truly a black blazer queen, she sure has more than one in her closet, from oversized to leather to both, Em has rocked black blazers like no other. In this specific look, Em took the oversized look and made it look presentable. The perfect oversized isn’t about how big it is all around, so for Em in this look her oversized came in the body, but fit perfectly on her fame and shoulders. She also paired this with match oversized trousers which were floor-length and not a slim cut, accessorizing it with white trainers, a black leather purse and of course bold sunnies. 


Kendall Jenner is another icon when it comes to black blazers. To be quite fair it is very unlikely you see Kenny is something that more on the masculine side of things, or something comfortable like her regular streetwear. While in New York Kenny was seen exiting an Italian restaurant with a very classic tailored blazer, a clean very crisp white collared shirt, what is mostly hidden as a black matching skirt and to top off the look black knee-length leather boots. This is a very put-together look for Kenny, which we are used to her in more streetwear or seeing her on the runway in bespoke. 

Daily Mail

Another model celeb who is quite frequently seen wearing blazers more casually is Sofia Richie. This outfit is more casual but also can be worn for more occasions than just lunch on Rodeo. Sofia paired a slightly oversized blazer with a black bralette, light-washed straight cut 501’s and the perfect strappy heel. This look may cost a lot of Sophia, but can be replicated on a budget for sure. 

All these looks are simple, and can all be played around with, the best part is the black blazer is something the never goes out of style and will never let you down.