Presenting TomBoyx, an LGBTQ+ owned and run inclusive Underwear & Lounge brand!

TomBoyx is designed to create a safe space in the market so that all can find something comfortable to wear. Partners in business and life, Fran and Naomi, founded the company on the premise of creating comfortable underwear for real bodies no matter their size or gender identity.

TomBoyx’s offerings include multiple underwear stylesbrascompression brasloungewear, and swim that are comfortable and wearable for cis-male, cis-female, those who are transitioning, and those still determining their gender identity.

See below for some of these items:


9” Boxer Briefs – Metamorphosis PrintIt’s the longest cut, to help with chafing, staying covered, and looking good.


Essential Soft Bra – Firework

Double layered in the iconic Tomboy style, this bra offers the comfort of a bralette and full coverage so you won’t even notice you’re wearing it (what a relief).

Lounge and Sleepwear

Onesie – Black Rainbow UnicornThis super soft cotton onesie comes complete with a black half-zip closure and deep pockets.

With fun and festive prints to fit every moment of the year, TomBoyx is here to bring life to your underwear draw!

Sizes range from 3XS – 6XL.

Another brand that has involved inclusivity in their core values is Roots, who recently created a new collection that is gender-free, more sustainable and is inclusive for over 50 different body types. More about this can be viewed here.

Published by HOLR Magazine.