Why is Buffalo Bills Stadium Snow trending? HOLR breaks it down.

Buffalo Bills Snow

According to this TikTok video posted by user @barstoolsports, Bills fans were still shoveling snow in the stadium recently in anticipation of the upcoming game.

Buffalo Bills Stadium Snow

Image Credit: @barstoolsports TikTok

Buffalo Bills Stadium Snow

The TikToker video shows a ton of snow in the Buffalo Bills stadium, in which The Bills were offering fans to shovel snow $20/hour and free food, drinks, and breaks in exchange for their help cleaning the stadium.

Photos and videos of the stadium went viral on social media, as some fans went so far as to have some fun during the clean-up process. Check out this viral clip here posted by user @houseofhighlights of some fans making the best of this moment.

What do you think of the viral moments?

Buffalo Bills Stadium Snow

Image Credit: @houseofhighlights TikTok

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