Why did a car drive off of a pier in Virginia Beach? HOLR breaks down what we know so far.

Virginia Beach Pier Car

According to this TikTok video posted by user @noahglenncarter, a car seemingly drove off of a pier at Virginia Beach and into the water- for allegedly no apparent reason.

Virginia Beach Pier Car

Image credit: @noahglenncarter TikTok

Virginia Beach Pier Car Update

In the now-viral video, a car can be seen driving directly off of an open pier in Virginia Beach. The reason remains unknown.

As of right now, the TikToker states that it is unclear how many people were inside the vehicle that drove off of the pier. If anyone was inside, it is also unclear if anyone made it out.

As the TikToekr claims, there was allegedly a mission underway to recover the car however it supposedly had to be called off due to “rough waters.” The mission is to find the car and any possible people who may have been inside the vehicle.

Car Drives Off Virginia Beach Pier

Allegedly, the vehicle has been located in the water but has not yet been recovered. It is also alleged that the car had to drive through “multiple gates” in order to drive off of the pier, so it remains unclear why this incident happened in the first place- and whether it was planned or not.

Many people believe this is not an accident, as a result since the incident seemingly seemed intentional. However, as the TikToker notes, the car’s tail lights are visible in the video so it seems as though it may have hesitated before driving off.

As of right now, there are not a lot of details associated with the incident as the car and any occupants have not yet been recovered, so it remains unclear why this incident occurred.

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