How to care for a Rolex watch properly?

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Caring for one’s Rolex watch is an important part of being a watch enthusiast and collector. Not only does it ensure that your watch stays looking as close to new as possible, but it also instills a sense of pride and care for your timepieces. This is even more important when we are looking at the world of luxury watch brands. With brands such as Rolex, Omega, and Patek Philippe, caring for your watch properly is incredibly important. You may wonder why until you ask yourself, “How much is a Rolex?” The cheapest Rolex starts at $5300, if you are even able to find it at its retail price, and brands such as Patek Phillipe can be even more expensive than that, so it makes sense as to why rigorous and careful maintenance of these sorts of timepieces is important. These types of luxury watches are available for purchase on Chrono24, where they ensure the authenticity and quality of the timepieces.

How to clean a Rolex?

Cleaning a Rolex is much like cleaning any other kind of watch, except for the fact that the watch itself is much more expensive. You will need warm water, a microfiber cloth or towel, a brush that has soft bristles, and some mild dish soap, although this is not a necessity. Before you begin, it is important to make sure that the crown is screwed down tightly and secured to ensure that the watch is waterproof.

  • Submerge the bracelet in the bowl of water, then remove it and lightly scrub the entire surface of the watch, excluding the glass watch face, with your brush.
  • For the face of the watch, use a microfiber cloth to remove any dirt. This is also to ensure that there is the least chance of the face getting scratched in the cleaning process.
  • When scrubbing the bracelet, make sure not to forget to scrub the spaces between the lugs as debris can build up there.
  • Rinse the now-scrubbed watch in the warm water again to remove any debris that had become loose.
  • With a microfiber cloth, dry the watch. Using this will make sure there are no scratches left on the watch.

Some precautionary measures you can take other than cleaning the watch to ensure that it stays as clean and in the best condition possible include: taking care not to submerge your Rolex watch in water unless absolutely necessary regardless of its water resistance, especially salt water, as it can dry and leave salt on the surface and in small, hard-to-reach places like in between the bezel. Dirt is one of your watch’s biggest enemies, and while it is impossible to completely prevent any dust or debris from getting inside your watch, exercising some common sense about where you take your Rolex watch can prevent a headache.

How to Store a Rolex?

Image Credit: Rolex

Storing your Rolex watch is actually a fairly simple and straightforward endeavor. Using something as simple as a normal watch box or even the box the watch came in will help prevent the watch from getting dirty by keeping away dust. If you are not planning to wear one specific watch on a daily basis or simply want to keep your Rolex watch wound, then storing it in a winder is a good way to both keep it clean and keep its time accurate.

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