Featuring the world’s first movement powered by electrostatic energy, the limited edition Spaceview Watch represents the future of timekeeping.

Say hello to a timeless piece that is a must-add to your everyday stack. The limited-edition Spaceview Watch, made in collaboration with Accutron and La Palina, combines innovation with groundbreaking technology for a one-of-a-kind piece, unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Accutron has maintained its legacy as a leader in timekeeping by unveiling the Spaceview Watch with La Palina, which masterfully introduces the world’s first-ever watches powered by electrostatic energy. After a successful run in the U.S., this collaboration is officially available in Canada, so HOLR is diving into the latest launch below and why it’s the perfect addition to your timepiece collection. 

Accutron x La Palina

Image courtesy of Accutron x La Palina

About the brands

Accutron is more than just a watch.

The brand pioneered the world’s first electronic watch in 1960, establishing itself as a brand on the cutting edge of innovation in the timepiece space. In fact, this was the most accurate timekeeping mechanism ever created and the first personal timekeeping advancement seen in 300 years at the time, which was revolutionary. As a result, the brand ultimately changed the way the world told time through technological advancements in the industry, in which it has established a name for itself in the watch world for over 60 years now. 

Following this successful advancement in timekeeping, advanced technology became a historic component of America’s space program. Consumers can look to Accutron as a brand that strives to maintain timekeeping accuracy, in which its logo is known around the world as one that paved the way for advancements made in timekeeping technology. With the introduction of the first-ever watch powered by electrostatic energy, the brand continues to outperform industry competitors with distinctive additions to its world-renowned designs.

Through this thoughtful collaboration with La Palina, the two top-tier brands have come together to create a timepiece unlike any other. As a brand that has built a name for itself based on craftsmanship, excellence, and tradition, it is a household name that offers skillfully created, quality-developed pieces.

Together, Accutron and La Palina have collaborated to introduce a show-stopping timepiece that combines elements of both brand heritages. As a result, the technological advancements spearheaded by Accutron, in conjunction with the craftsmanship maintained by La Palina, can be found in the latest Spaceview Watch.

Accutron x La Palina

Image courtesy of Accutron x La Palina

All about the Accutron x La Palina Partnership

What do you get when you cross two dynamic and progressive brands? A bold, modern and ambitious product that will truly stand the test of time.

Both of these brands have a rich American history that has solidified their names as ones consumers can trust. Today, the two have come together to introduce a watch, unlike anything you’ve seen before, inclusive of revolutionary new technology.

The two first got together to celebrate Accutron’s 60th anniversary and have ultimately chosen to continue their partnership with the debut of a new Accutron x La Palina Limited Edition Spaceview 2020 timepiece. Following the successful launch in the US in July 2022, this limited-edition timepiece is now available in Canada and is being offered in limited quantities for distinguished collectors.

”La Palina is a proud partner of Accutron and we are excited to collaborate on a very special Spaceview 2020 timepiece,” said Jeffrey Cohen, President of Citizen Watch America. “ This collaboration pays tribute to not only the original Spaceview design, but the inventive spirit and quality of La Palina that matches our own. We’re excited to bring this new timepiece to Canada.”

Discovering the Spaceview Watch from Accutron and La Palina

The Accutron x La Palina Spaceview 2020 Watch is truly a timeless timepiece. 

A must-add to any collection, this design offers the same stunning visual impact of the original open dial design with identical signature green accents. The Spaceview 2020 features details such as; a brown open-work dial with signature Accutron green accents and brown outer ring, light green super luminous markers, and hour and minute hands and warm yellow second hand. 

Finishing touches include a matching genuine brown alligator strap. However, to take it one step further, this one-of-a-kind watch comes complete with a humidor set. This ensures a luxurious blend of both brands and offers the best of both worlds.

 It’s all in the details with this set. 

The custom-designed humidor is 100% handmade by master craftsmen in the Nicaraguan region of Estelí, in which it has been chosen by La Palina’s rare wood specialists as a result of its world-class figure and grain.

Other notable additions include a recessed glass top with a CO2 laser-finished logo and detail work, a light espresso wood finish, a removable component for Boveda packets or other humidification inserts, and a secondary drawer for smoking accessories.

This is not just a watch. From start to finish, this collaboration between Accutron and La Palina is a work of art.

Accutron x La Palina

Image courtesy of Accutron x La Palina

How to shop the latest style 

Don’t wait to shop this incredibly unique collector’s piece. 

The latest drop is limited to only 222 pieces, in which the Accutron x La Palina Spaceview 2020 luxury set will retail for $5,995 and is now available for pre-order (with a fall delivery). It will be available at Maison Birks in Canada.

For more information or to view the complete Spaceview Collection, visit Accutron’s official website.

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