Why is Cassie Kim Porter Burner Phone trending? HOLR breaks it down.

Cassie Kim Porter Burner Phone

As we all know, Cassie recently settled a bombshell lawsuit with Diddy following a series of harrowing sexual assault claims. According to this article, some new updates have come out regarding the case. Allegedly, a social media user (supposedly MYEi$HiA) has alleged that Cassie just handed over additional evidence to the FBI regarding the case. It is alleged that Cassie gave the FBI new evidence that includes tapes of Diddy’s parties, a USB drive, and Kim Porter’s burner phone- all of which reportedly further incriminate Diddy.

This is outlined in the below TikTok video reposted by user @macmaxwell4:

Cassie Kim Porter Burner Phone Diddy TD Jakes Evidence Exposed

Image Credit: @macmaxwell4 TikTok

As the TikToker notes, there is also an email out there that involves Diddy and TD Jakes.

Cassie Ventura Diddy

This social media user who supposedly unveiled these allegations also claims that this alleged new evidence incriminates Pastor TD Jakes,-Diddy’s close friend. TD Jakes officiated the burial of Diddy’s ex-girlfriend, Porter. Allegations about TD Jakes sleeping with multiple men at Diddy’s parties have allegedly been exposed. Again, this remains unconfirmed.

Who is TD Jakes

Wikipedia claims that TD Jakes is an American non-denominational Christian preacher.

Kim Porter Death

As HOLR previously reported, claims of a Porter tell-all book being in the works before her death have been alleged. It has been long debated if there were additional details or footage of Diddy that had to be covered up before being exposed to the public. These claims remain rumors.

Although there is no concrete evidence to support the above claims, what do you think about the rumors?

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