Beyonce’s Bodyguard Speaks Out On Tiktok

Has Beyonce’s bodyguard caused a public beef between her and her fans?

Beyonce’s bodyguard posted a video on TikTok in an attempt to expose her and her husband for their behaviour.


video credit: @official_uncle_ron

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‘Uncle Ron’ (@official_uncle_ron Via TikTok) goes into detail about how Beyonce and Jay-Z “would do anything to destroy anyone who speaks out against them.” 

“I know your deep secrets, I know so much about you and what you’ve done. I know so much about how you get where you are.” He says, “How you stepped on them many people.”

He then goes out to call out Beyonce specifically.

“Beyonce, how you guys ended Kerri Hilson’s career.” Kerri Hilson and Beyonce had a public feud back in 2011.

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Throughout the video, Uncle Ron makes it clear that he will not be bribed to shut down or keep quiet.

While explaining how ‘hateful’ the Carters are, he makes a serious accusation that Beyonce is on drugs.

“Yeah Beyonce is on drugs, she’s been on them for a long time.” He claims, “And you keep her that way.”

Image Credit: TheGossipScoop.com

Uncle Ron has made a few other videos talking about the Carters and even made an accusation that Diddy bribed him to kill Biggie. Since then, it seems all these videos have been cleared from his account.

No one from Beyonce or Jayz’s team has addressed these accusations.


Published By: HOLR Magazine