Did cat blender guy get jumped for recording that video? HOLR is breaking down the news, below.

According to a news update regarding the cat blender video going viral, the cat blender guy- who is the alleged culprit behind the disturbing content- was reportedly jumped.

A video surfaced a couple of days ago of a guy being beaten up by other guys. This was believed to be a video of the cat blender guy getting jumped.

This TikTok by user @noahglenncarter talks about the alleged video of the man getting jumped. According to the TikToker, the man in the video was identified as the man who recorded the cat blending video, and was subsequently jumped by other men.


The man responsible for the cat blender video was jumped #foryou #cat #blender

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However, this footage has since been debunked, according to this article. The original video was presumed to have originated in China, and this is apparently not a video of the cat blender guy being jumped. Some TikTok users have pointed out that this is actually footage from the Netherlands, and not from China.

In another update, this article also details that the cat blender guy was reportedly arrested. Since we are unsure of cat blender guy’s identity it is difficult to say if this news has been confirmed, or not, for now.

Cat Blender Video Full

HOLR will not be posting the cat blender video that seemingly went viral online as it contains graphic and distressing content. The video involved a cat being tortured and killed in a blender, which made waves on social media.

You can find previous details regarding the viral- and disturbing story- here.

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