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Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen has been allegedly attacked in house in Malibu by a neighbour.

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Credit Image: Charlie Sheen @charliesheen

On the 22nd of December, TMZ reported that a neighbour of Charlie Sheen‘s had entered his home and “tried to strangle him.”

Clearly, there is no love lost here, but what caused it?

Initial reports say that the security department had responded to a disturbance at Sheen’s Malibu residence on Wednesday.

Officials reported that his 47-year-old neighbour forced her way into his home and attacked him when he opened the door after hearing a knock.

But what happened?

It’s alleged that the woman had “ripped Charlie’s shirt and attempted to strangle him,” before heading back to her home.

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Credit Image: Charlie Sheen @charliesheen

It’s said that paramedics were called but there had been no serious injury.

Furthermore, Sheen has said he has no idea what prompted this attack but says, “it’s not the first incident.”

The neighbour is suspected of previously vandalising Sheen’s car among other petty offences that include dumping trash in front of his house.

However, the woman accused has been arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon and burglary due to forcing her way into the home to attack Sheen.

Charlie Sheen Now

Meanwhile, despite his personal hurdles, Sheen has been putting a lot of time and effort into his new projects.

Firstly, Sheen’s new series ‘Ramble On’ which focuses on established stars looking to reinvent their careers, and also aspiring performers looking to make their own name.

Check out ‘Ramble On’ here.

But also, Sheen is set to star in a new Chuck Lorre production Max comedy “Bookie.”

Who also produced ‘Two and a half men,’ a show which Sheen had famously led and was fired from.

Have Sheen and Chuck Lorre truly made amends?

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