With all of the extra time spent at home, it’s the perfect opportunity to practice a little self-care. One of the things that we’ve been really loving is adding new things to our skincare regimen that we may have not made time for before. Our skincare routine has quickly gone from 3 steps to 7 and we’re not complaining. One of the products we’re about to add to our routine is Charlotte Tilbury’s brand new Magic Serum Crystal Elixir. This product is the serum version of her magic cream and we can’t wait to try it.

The Magic Serum Crystal Elixir is made with breakthrough peptides, next gen Vitamin C, Holistic 5-Cystal Complex and polyglutamic acid. This combination results in laser-focus wrinkle targetting, tighter pores, a more even skin tone, more elasticity and visible firmness.

In a clinical study over an 8-week period, skin appeared more elastic by 122%, firmer by 49% and an overall reduction in the appearance of wrinkles by 34%. Charlotte Tilbury has once again fused together innovative ingredients for visible results that last.

One of the stand out ingredients is the polyglutamic acid, which offer four times more hydration than hyaluronic acid. Hydration is one of the most important factors for youthful, glowing skin and the Magic Serum Crystal Elixir packs a powerful punch. The product also utilizes plant adaptogen extracts such as First Light Snow Lotus and Resurrection Leaf to help the skin to appear radiant. Using adaptogens in skincare helps to boost skin’s own barrier function which then gives skin moisture-retaining powers.

When speaking on the new addition to her line of skincare, Charlotte Tilbury said, “Darlings, I want to keep spreading the magical energy of makeup and skincare throughout the world. When developing my NEW! Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir, I wanted to create a QUICK and EASY, targeted serum to improve skin’s outward appearance, making it more glowing, hydrated and youthful-looking, whilst also enhancing skin texture for smooth makeup application.”

The product will be available for purchase on the site on April 16th.


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