Derek Hough posted an update on his wife Hayley Erbert‘s surgery claiming she is “on the long road of recovery.”

According to this TikTok video posted by user @gma, Hough’s wife Erbert allegedly had to be hospitalized and undergo emergency brain surgery as a result of being diagnosed with a cranial hematoma due to a burst blood vessel. As a result, she required an emergency cranectomy recently.

Derek Hough Wife Surgery Is She Okay?

Image Credit: @gma TikTok

What is a cranial hematoma?

According to the above TikTok video, a cranial hematoma happens when blood collects in the skull. Symptoms can include; dizziness, confusion, and a headache that gets progressively worse.

Derek Hough Wife

After news broke recently, fans and friends flooded Hough’s comment section with an outpour of love and support in hopes Erbert has a quick recovery. Below is Hough’s initial social media post from a couple of days ago explaining the situation. He claimed that an incident occurred where Erbert felt disoriented and was taken to the hospital during their most recent tour performance in Washington, D.C.

Derek Hough Wife Surgery Update Is She Okay?

Image Credit: @derekhough Instagram

Cranial Hematoma Recovery

48 hours later Hough posted the below update claiming that Erbert is now on the long road of recovery.

Derek Hough Wife Surgery Update Is She Okay?

Image Credit: @derekhough Instagram

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