Did OJ Simpson’s kids have to sign an NDA before he died? 

HOLR breaks down the alleged claims involving the recent death of the 76-year-old.

OJ Simpson Kids

According to this TikTok video posted by user @jacmacbarstool, it is alleged that any of OJ Simpson’s kids and visitors who reportedly came to his bedside before he died had to sign an NDA.


Unreal. Never heard of such a thing.

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It is also alleged that these children and visitors were not allowed to have their phones in the room with them while saying goodbye. As the TikToker claims, this seems unusual during a person’s final days. “Is he guilty?” questions the TikToker. “Did he have something to tell?” the TikToker continues.

There is no concrete evidence to support these claims or rumors that there were reportedly NDAs signed during Simpson’s final days.

What happens to NDA if person dies?

In this particular case, it remains unclear the exact clauses of the alleged NDAs these people had to reportedly sign. Some users went to the comment section of the above video to share some opinions and insights regarding what happens to an NDA if a person dies.

According to this article, though, it can also entirely depend on the termination clause of the NDA. As one of the suggestions claims, an NDA can have a termination clause that states the NDA will be terminated based on certain events, which can include death. However, if there is no termination clause, the other party can be bound by the NDA.

OJ Simpson Final Words

According to this article by TMZ, Simpson reportedly did not have a “deathbed confession” nor did he reportedly speak about Nicole Brown Simpson or Ron Goldman.

What do you think about claims involving Simpson’s children and visitors supposedly having to sign an NDA before his passing? 

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