A new conspiracy theory surrounding what may have happened to Kate Middleton is circulating online. HOLR has the latest on the alleged claims.

Note: The following is an alleged blind item claim that is unconfirmed and unverified. 

Prince William Mistress Pregnant

According to this new TikTok video posted by user @thekylemarisa, there is a new blind item claim that alleges more conspiracy theories relating to what may have happened to Kate Middleton.

Prince William Affair

As noted in the video, the TikToker claims that there is an alleged blind item claim that alleges that Kate Middleton found out that the woman Prince William had a supposed (ongoing) affair with got “knocked up” with Prince William’s child and decided to keep it. The woman in question who is allegedly Prince William’s mistress is reportedly Rose Hanbury.

Rose Hanbury William Child

It is alleged that Middleton found out about this during the past holiday season and reportedly had a “nervous breakdown” which caused her to stay out of the public eye since then. Rumors about Middleton’s whereabouts have been circulating online ever since.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

This new alleged claim follows news that a newly released photo of Middleton and her children was supposedly altered and had to be quickly removed. Since then, others have come forward to allege other new photos of the Princess of Wales had also been altered, causing speculation online that alleges Middleton is missing. However, none of this has been confirmed and remains a rumor.

Did Prince William get Rose Hanbury pregnant?

REMEMBER: There is no concrete evidence to support these claims that Prince William had an affair or got another woman pregnant. There is also no evidence to confirm Middleton is missing as it was reported that she is recovering from planned abdominal surgery and is expected to resume Royal duties in April again.

This is a blind item claim that is ALLEGED.

What are your thoughts on these alleged new claims?

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image credits: @thekylemarisa TikTok