Stormy Daniels is making headlines after it was revealed she has testified for approximately 2 hours so far.

Stormy Daniels Trump

Stormy Daniels, the adult film star who is involved in the Trump Trial that is currently underway, is going viral online for allegedly previously wearing a mushroom print dress to trial during opening arguments in April. This is supposedly showcased in tweets found on X, such as this one posted by user @hereliesbluedog:

Stormy Daniels Mushroom Dress

As this article notes, Daniels is allegedly going viral online after footage on social media reportedly showed her wearing a dress covered in mushroom print while on her way to the trial last month April. The article also claims that the mushroom print reportedly refers to a description of Trump from her book, Full Disclosure.

However- although this photo was going viral it has appeared to have been altered, as claims were debunked in this article. The photo became widespread and caused controversy online, as a debate ensued about proper court attire. However, it appears as though this photo was fake and it is not real, having seemingly been edited.

UPDATE: This photo started circulating before Daniels took the stand today.

Why Does Stormy Daniels Owe Trump Money?

According to this article, back in April of 2023, Daniels lost a defamation suit against Trump and was subsequently ordered to pay additional legal fees to him. Allegedly, Daniels was ordered to pay Trump’s attorneys just over $120,000 in legal fees. This is in addition to more than $500,000 in court-ordered payments to Trump attorneys Daniels has been ordered to also pay.

Today, Daniels stood trial to testify, in which it was reported recently that “Daniels got into the details of the non-disclosure agreement she entered into with Trump and briefly touched on the controversial hush-money payment” as noted here.

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