Donald Trump Reportedly Considered Ivanka as Replacement on ‘The Apprentice’

President Donald Trump seemingly entertained the idea of having his daughter Ivanka Trump replace him as the host of the hit reality TV show ‘The Apprentice.’ This unprecedented move, which has raised eyebrows and sparked speculation, sheds new light on the dynamics within the Trump family and their influence on the entertainment industry.

HOLR is breaking down how Donald Trump, the former host of ‘The Apprentice,’ contemplated the prospect of passing the torch to his daughter Ivanka Trump. This revelation has taken many by surprise and has ignited a flurry of discussion about the intersection of politics, business, and entertainment. According to this article in Variety, former President Donald Trump suggested to NBC that “the best person to hire would be Ivanka Trump” to replace him on “The Apprentice.”

Trump revealed in conversation that “there’s nobody you’re going to hire that will come even close to Ivanka,” although he claimed he “didn’t press it.” However, the network reportedly balked at the idea of Ivanka taking over, as it was perceived as a “family thing.” As part of the proposal to continue the show with other members of the Trump family, Eric and Don Trump Jr. were also expected to be involved as boardroom advisers.

NBC severed ties with Trump following controversial remarks he made about immigrants during his presidential campaign announcement speech in 2015. In a statement, NBC Universal announced the termination of its business relationship with Trump, citing his “derogatory statements,” although he retained his role as an executive producer for the subsequent season.

In conclusion, the revelation that Donald Trump considered Ivanka as his replacement on ‘The Apprentice’ offers a fascinating glimpse into the inner workings of the Trump family and their enduring impact on popular culture.

Published by HOLR Magazine.

Image Credits: @realdonaldtrump Instagram