New evidence and footage from Dream vs Gumball fight? HOLR breaks it down.

Dream vs Gumball Video

According to this TikTok video posted by user @noahglenncarter, Dream posted a new video allegedly trying to debunk every allegation made against him.

Dream vs Gumball Full Video Fight Footage Update

Image Credit: @noahglenncarter TikTok

As the TikToker notes, he went over things such as a leaked photo of him, confirming that it is actually Dream. He also posted new evidence of the Dream vs Gumball situation. HOLR previously reported that Dream and Gumball’s voice actor got into an argument in an Uber and the internet took sides.

Dream vs Gumball Full Video

Now, Dream has released some more footage from that night- and Gumball doesn’t look the “best” in it a the TikToker claims. Gumball is allegedly going off on the Uber driver before Dream steps in and the whole infamous clip starts to take place, as the TikToker notes in the above video.

Dream vs Gumball Full Video Fight Footage Update

Image Credit: @noahglenncarter TikTok

Dream vs Gumball Fight

In Dream’s new video, he has the Uber driver who drove both him and Gumball that night supposedly testify against Gumball. The TikToker (@noahglenncarter) summarizes the Uber driver’s alleged testimony in which he paints Dream as respectful and nice the entire ride. The driver reportedly says the opposite for Gumball’s voice actor. The Uber driver also says that Gumball’s voice actor did not tip him- however, Gumball’s voice actor disputes this claim in which they said they left a big tip.

What do you think about this new alleged evidence and footage regarding the Dream vs Gumball fight?

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