Soft and sustainable bedding that will ensure a dreamy sleep!

Today, HOLR is chatting with co-founders Natalia and Daria to learn all about their incredibly dreamy brand, Dreams Jumper. Say hello to this must-try Canadian brand of sustainable and luxurious linen bedding and lifestyle accessories that make for the perfect addition to any home. From super cozy duvet sets to fitted crib sheets, each item from Dreams Jumper is mindfully selected, thoughtfully curated, and ethically made with the highest quality fabrics.

Keep reading to find out how and why Dreams Jumper products are designed to weave into the décor of any home. 

Tell us about Dreams Jumper and the types of products we can shop from the brand.

At Dreams Jumper we inspire mindful living through creating sustainable textiles that turn your homes into sanctuaries. From duvet sets, fitted sheets, to throw blankets, each product is thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted to look good and feel great. With an emphasis on circularity and our zero-waste philosophy, we upcycle the remnants of the bedding production to create lifestyle linen accessories – scrunchies, sleep masks, tote bags, and more. You can also shop an extended selection of baby and kids bedding, such as fitted crib sheets, toddler duvet sets, twin duvet covers sets, and fitted sheets. 

How did you start your brand?

Of all the places in the world, surprisingly Canada has a low amount of high-quality linen, especially for bedding and homeware products. That’s why Dreams Jumper was born, to support the gap in the market and give more Canadians the softest, most comfortable, and eco-friendly bedding in the world. 

The idea sparkled when Natalia (one of the co-founders) was searching for a crib sheet for her newborn son. Every mom wants the best for her kids! And as Canadians, we love to shop locally. These two simple facts motivated us to create a product we were proud of. Our first product was a fitted crib sheet. 

We also know that quality sleep is absolutely critical for our well-being, and as mothers, we could not underestimate the sleep we were getting. We soon realized we needed to expand our line into the adult category and offer bedding for the whole family. 

We also had to consider how it would impact not only our families but the planet too. With all these factors to consider, we were always on the hunt for exclusive and high-quality bedding, something unique with countless benefits and value. And now, here we are – launching our first collection of sustainable bedding and home textile for the whole family. 

Can you talk us through your design philosophy, from colour selection to sustainability?

We are consistent with our sustainability efforts and every facet of Dream Jumpers’ operations reflects a genuine interest in environmentally friendly designs.  

We wanted to create a product that is versatile and fits into your existing bedroom design so you can keep what you already have but still create an exciting new look and feel for your home.

Our designs are simple as we try to slow down and bring simplicity to our lives. The color selection is basic, offered in only stripes or neutral solids, to help fit almost any interior and bedroom décor. These timeless designs give the perfect amount of sophistication so anyone can easily create a trendy and elevated look in their bedrooms.

All colours ‘work’ perfectly together and are made to be mix-and-matched, so you don’t have to replace the whole set if you only feel like refreshing your pillowcases!

Where do you get your inspiration from when creating your products and collections? 

Our inspiration comes from our daily observations and the simple things we notice around us. Daria’s favourite process in life is improving. Making things better in the capacity that we are capable of here and now is what fuels our creativity and boosts our imagination. As we spend a bigger part of our lives in beds, of course, our sleep environment is something we constantly want to improve. 

We often question ourselves – How can I be a better version of myself today? How can I wake up in a better mood and have a more productive day? How can I improve my sleep routine and the quality of my sleep? We believe that our sleep should be considered as a joyful experience rather than a biological necessity. 

We also get inspiration from conversations and interactions with our community. We constantly ask for feedback and rework and restyle our products to ensure our customers love our products.

We personally use and test all our products for months before they are introduced, so we know how exactly it wears, how to care for it, etc.

Can you talk to us about Planet Before Profit?

 We always looked at Dreams Jumper as a vehicle for social and environmental change. We are dedicated to building a brand and a community that is mindful of the people and the planet. We know that businesses can make a positive impact and that they can be transparent. We know it is hard and challenging. For us, building relationships with our production partners is essential. We educate ourselves on the production process and talk to them personally and ask all the questions we must ask. We don’t cut corners when it comes to packaging and yes, there are situations when we overpay for quality and transparency, but this is what makes our brand unique!

This month (October) we took our commitment to a new level and started a program where 2% of purchases goes towards non-profit organizations benefiting children and women. This is very near and dear to our hearts, and we feel that our contribution can mean so much for some people. As a brand, we will do our best to support our communities as much as we can at every stage of our business. 

Where can we shop for Dreams Jumper products?

Our products are available in select local shops across Canada and the US. Some of these shops include: The Art of Home, Kinsfolk Shop, Lex & Lennon Gift Boxes, Embiria, North Medical Spa, Revive Health Studio, Decker, Loam + Black, Kind Roots, Pinto goods, Port Parcel, Human Base Studio, Devine Supply, We Are Finnley, etc.

Be sure to check out Dreams Jumper for more information. Plus, you can shop their latest launch- the brand’s new Duvet Sets. The sets are available in four classic colour options: soft grey, wide natural stripe, oatmeal, and a light terracotta tone, allowing Dreams Jumper to bring a sense of calm, simplicity, and a moment of indulgence, into everyday life.

Published by HOLR Magazine.