Earth day is an important civic event that happens once a year and has participants of 1 billion people in 192 countries. Each year earth day gets more and more important as our climate crisis worsens. From land and trees to fish and oceans each year we are fighting for the earth, and are trying to reduce the impacts that have caused major destruction to the place we call home. 

Earth day happening once a year seems like a small reminder of how big of an impact our earth has on our well-being, but for many people, earth day is every day. There are people and organizations who support, and invest in keeping the earth clean and healthy, like reducing carbon emission with electric vehicles, reducing methane emission by eating less meat, and reducing the number of microplastics in the ocean by using paper instead of plastic. 

All these little impacts eventually turn big especially when around 1billion people acknowledge and participate in these incentives. Earth day this year is being shared around the world a little differently, EarthDay.Org is planning ways for people to celebrate earth day virtually by holding events and activities virtually. Some of these events include activists like Greta Thunberg who will be speaking about her activism to other young activists. 

The earth day website has also curated a tool kit for anyone wanting to participate in the events. This tool kit has activities like teach-in which will teach the youth about the importance of the Earth, and our impact, and how we can help it. It gives you a guide to important charities like The Canopy Project $1= 1 tree, a group that ensures that your donation ensures a sustainable way to plant trees for a greener future. 

It also teaches you about food and the environment and how techniques help support farmers, their land, and the gasses like carbon that are processed through regenerative agricultural practices. The best and most important part is an organized clean-up. Cleaning up the trash and plastic you might find in your neighbourhood and parks is very important for our earth. Many people still litter and do not recycle. If you organize a clean-up in your area you can add it to the Earth day website along with the millions of other people and locations around the world.