The adored Netflix original series “Emily in Paris” announced that the 3rd season would air on December 21st!

The news has the show’s fans excited to continue the story of an American girl making it in Paris! The underestimated quirky fashion intern at the Parisian fashion firm, Savoir, proved to win over the city’s heart and exerted much influence on the company and the people around her. Tune into season 3 and pursue where the city takes Emily, her friends, her romantic life and her career after where she was left off! 

Lily Collins stars as Emily and shows an American girl lost in Paris who started out as an outsider and made her way as a leader on the inside all while staying authentic to her true self. This brings hope to viewers that they too can pursue anything they wish! To see more of Emily’s boss power moves, add season 3 of “Emily in Paris” to your watchlist!

Always in a Jam

"Emily in Paris" Season 3 on Netflix, Emily on the phone

Image Credit: Netflix

Back at it again! It seems like Emily is always working through a crisis, whether it be a fashion emergency or a dilemma with friends or at work. Emily always tries to be the mediator and her efforts and good intentions never go unappreciated by the people around her in the end; as her problem-solving results in genius and beautiful things! The amazing spectacle of a fashion show that Emily put together in the season 2 finale showcased just that! Emily proved herself as the mastermind behind a lot of the success that she gained, which is why so many depend on her! If like many other viewers, you depended on watching “Emily in Paris” to lift your mood, you should already have your calendars marked for the season 3 release date!

The Gabriel Affair

"Emily in Paris" Season 3 on Netflix, Emily and Gabriel

Image Credit: Netflix

Emily’s love interest with Gabriel, her neighbour and the chef down the street began in the show’s first episode. However, the dynamic shifted when Emily found out that her friend Camille, is Gabriel’s girlfriend. In season 2, Camille realizes that Emily and Gabriel were having a love affair. This changed everything for the two best friends and only the new season will reveal what their future will be like!

Out with the Old, in with the New

"Emily in Paris" Season 3 on Netflix, Emily and Alfie

Image Credit: Netflix

Emily’s forbidden relationship with Gabriel called for a fresh start when it became too much for Emily to handle. Emily met Alfie in her french class during season 2, and they began a romantic relationship but towards the end of the season, Emily was still stuck and torn in between the two men. In the season 3 announcement on Netflix, it seems that both men will still have a role in Emily’s life and viewers are wondering what that role will be. You must tune in this December to find out! So far, are you team Gabriel or team Alfie?

Mark December 21st as the day that the “Emily in Paris” saga continues!

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