The only Paris restaurant guide you need, courtesy of Emily in Paris.

Emily in Paris was an instant hit on Netflix for its light humour, quirky characters but also for its filming locations. Emily and co are constantly frequenting trendy cafe and restaurants that make us want to book a one way ticket to Paris. If you want explore the city like Emily, check out these 10 hot spots as seen in the Netflix show. With Emily in Paris renewed for season 3 and 4, this should help get you through the wait.

Gabriels restaurant Emily in Paris

Terra Nera aka Chez Lavaux

18 rue des Fossés Saint-Jacques

Gabriels restaurant in Emily in Paris, renamed Chez Lavaux in Season 2, is actually an Italian bistro in real life. Terra Nera is a charming restaurant that serves traditional Italian fare on the menu. Located very close to the Panthéon, if you sit on the terrace it offers views of it. What’s on the menu? Antipasti Maison, Linguine alle vongole, Salsicce Napoletana, Torta della Nonna and a selection of meat.

Le Café Marly

93 Rue de Rivoli, 75001

In the Season 2 premiere, Emily has an awkward lunch with Gabriels on-again, off-again girlfriend Camille. Emily invites Silvie along so as not to address that she slept with Gabriel in the finale of Season 1. Le Café Marly offers an upscale dining experience in old-world interiors. While dining there you will also get a view of the Louvre. What’s on the menu? A mix of high-end and homemade cuisine from caviar and duck foie gras, to sea bream ceviche, beef carpaccio and cod filet.

bistrot Valois Emily in paris

Bistrot Valois

1 Pl. de Valois

Emily and her coworkers from Savoir frequent this cozy and lively bistro before and after work. They can be seen grabbing drinks here on more than one occasion. What’s on the menu? Bistrot Valois is known for its classic steaks, foie gras and selection of wine.

Tortuga Galeries Emily in Paris

Tortuga Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann

25 Rue de la Chaussée d’Antin, 75009

In episode 5 of Season 2, Emily finally plucks up the courage to speak with Camille about her relations with Gabriel. The two find themselves at Tortuga Galeries, where they’re known for their high-end food. While dining there, you can also catch a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower. What’s on the menu? A great selection of fish-forward dishes.

silvie Emily in paris

La Société

4 Pl. Saint-Germain des Prés, 75006

In Season 2, Sylvie has a rather triumphant moment at La Société. The elegant French restaurant is located in the Sixth Arrondissement. Sylvie arrives here to meet Erik’s friends after having initial hesitations about it because of their age gap. What’s on the menu? Classic steak frites, tartares & seafood dishes.

Alfie Pub Emily in Paris

The Bombardier

2 Place du Panthéon, 75005

When Emily’s new British crush Alfie wants to take her for a drink, he wants to do it the British way. The two end up at the The Bombardier, a traditional English-style pub that’s located in the Latin Quarter. What’s on the menu? Classic British fare & beer.

bakery Emily in Paris

La Boulangerie Moderne

16 Rue des Fossés Saint-Jacque

Located next door to Gabriel’s restaurant, La Boulangerie Moderne by Thierry Rabineau is the bakery Emily frequents in Season 1. The artisanal bakery is where she buys the the delicious Pain Au Chocolat. What’s on the menu? An assortment of French pastries.

While there are plenty of great Michelin star restaurants in Paris, this is your guide to doing Paris the Emily way.