How do you fully take advantage of your cozy night at the cottage? Well, let’s give you a glimpse into what the essential attire, food, and entertainment are for a relaxing and rejuvenating night at the cottage.

The days are beginning to shorten, and the temperatures are dropping at night, which means it is time to start enjoying some cozy nights at the cottage. These are a few must-haves to create the full cozy experience.

Cozy Attire
Having your comfiest attire is essential for a night in. Pair your most comfortable sweatsuit, fuzzy socks, and your go-to slippers to reach maximum relaxation. Make sure you have your biggest and fuzziest throw blanket to cuddle up on the couch with.

A cozy night in does not entail spending hours cooking. A great way to avoid spending your evening in the kitchen is to have a charcuterie board. The prep work for a board is quick and easy. To achieve an optimal charcuterie board you will need a soft cheese, a spreadable cheese, a hard cheese, some condiment spreads, olives, fruit, nuts, and an assortment of crackers. All these items can be easily found at your local grocery store.

A key to a successful night is in your beverages. Start your night off with a glass of wine that will pair impeccably with your charcuterie. As your night progresses you may want to change your beverage to a coffee and baileys or a tea.

Setting the mood for your cozy night is very important. Light some candles and put them on your favourite playlist while you’re preparing your food and beverages for the evening.

How are you going to pass your time at the cottage? Movies are a tremendous way to spend your time. Picking a movie series, like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games, are great choices that ensure you spend the evening cuddled up on the couch in your fuzzy blanket, with your glass of wine, not having to decide on which movie you should put on next.

If movies are not the entertainment you are craving, a great way to fill your evening is sitting around the table with your favourite board games. Scrabble, Clue, and Monopoly are all a blast and are sure to elicit a laugh or two.

Create a checklist with all these tips and you are guaranteed to have a relaxing evening at the cottage!

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