The au courant Canadian label showcases its development while still keeping in touch with its roots with its latest offering of “seasonless, quality, core silhouettes”.

Collection 010, courtesy of TAIKAN Everything

Ever since TAIKAN emerged onto the scene in Vancouver, BC back in 2016 its mission was clear; functional products parallel with contemporary fashion. Since the brand’s beginnings in producing a variety of bags and backpacks, each one of their products were crafted with equal parts utilitarianism and minimalism. A bag presented in sleek colours and silhouettes that could be used to transport a laptop back and forth from the office, or store all necessary provisions for a trail hike up the grouse grind. Fast forward 6 years later, and TAIKAN has expanded their polished creative touch to an all-encompassing collection, with their second iteration of streetwear-heavy apparel titled “Collection 010”. The genderless collection focuses on everyday essentials with colours inspired by the panoramic nature of the pacific northwest.

Colourways such as moss and sand instantly stirs up images of a vast conifer tree somewhere in the Capilano suspension bridge park, or the baby blue ocean and pebble sand at Kits beach. It’s that outdoorsy element coupled with the tried and true offering of bags from Collection 010 that makes TAIKAN stand out in the ever-so-saturated fashion niche of streetwear. Uncluttered and comfortable silhouettes allow Collection 010 to inhabit the intersection of “minimal aesthetic beauty and accessible pricing for all,” via the collection notes. For each garment offered there exists a differently styled counter part, like the 5 options for shorts that range from nylon to fleece all in varying earth tones. The streetwear promises are brought to life with genre-classics such as open cuffed carpenter pants and corduroy button ups with dual chest pockets. While more relaxed everyday pieces such as 100% cotton hoodies or sweatpants are available as well.

Plain Hoodie, courtesy of TAIKAN Everything

Without sacrificing accessibility, the collection offers the perfect outfit for the beachcomber as well the Zoom call loungewear enthusiast. Undoubtedly the highlight at the hands of the brands bread and butter; the assortment of bags available in a slew of different shapes and sizes. Casual over the shoulder bags perfect for a bike ride in Stanley Park are available like the Sukhoi or the Sachoche, which comes in a large or smaller size. Whatever the pack may be, they’re all meticulously crafted with operative features like military nylon webbing shoulder straps or adjustable length para-cords. Apart from the lighter models there are a few heavy-duty iterations, like the military-inspired tote bag with the Flanker or a more intricate back pack with the Spartan. Besides flag side labels or metal hardware branding is absent, allowing the simplicity of the collection to shine through. The aforementioned collection note goes on to summarize Collection 010’s objective: “The second iteration of TAIKAN’s growing apparel collection displays seasonless, quality, core silhouettes and colours while introducing new tones that pull any wardrobe from the present into the future.”

Flanker Bag, courtesy of TAIKAN Everything

When considering the brands Vancouver fashion contemporaries (Lululemon, Arc’teryx, Herschel) it’s no stretch to label TAIKAN as the rookie of the group. However, it’s that underdog newcomer energy that makes the brand so easy to admire. For all the different areas of focus that the mentioned brands hold, TAIKAN draws inspiration from their field perhaps better than anyone else. One scroll through their website and its clear that the brand isint afraid to lend their hand to fellow creatives, whether that be Canadian music duo BADBADNOTGOOD or local Japanese eatery Pizzacomingsoon. Moreover, they share their outlet with up and coming creatives such as photographers or artists. Theres no imitating that kind of authenticity; TAIKAN are students and fans of the culture. It’s fair to assume that the brand is here to stay, and that Collection 010 is a stepping stone as they continue to establish their legacy through simple yet effective apparel and accessories.