Are you thinking about taking CBD (cannabidiol)? Perhaps you’ve tried a CDB tincture before but you’ve been put off by the bitter taste.

Taking CBD as a tincture, sublingually (under the tongue) is probably the most common method. But there are lots of other ways you can take CBD, too. Here are four of the most popular:

#1: Water-Soluble CBD

Water-Soluble CBD can be added to drinks and smoothies. This is a great option if you find the natural taste of CBD offputting. It also works well if you’re consuming CBD before or after a workout, as you can get hydrated at the same time.

Try This If: You enjoy smoothies, juicing, or making your own drinks. You can also buy drinks that are pre-mixed with CBD, if you prefer.

#2: CBD Gummies

Do you find it tricky to measure out the right dose of CBD? A great option for you is CBD gummies from a company like Joy Organics. Since they’re already pre-portioned, you can simply consume as many as needed.

Try This If: You want to easily take CBD on the go. Just be careful to keep your gummies out of reach and sight of children, who might mistake them for a regular sweet.

#3: CBD Ointments or Gels

There are many CBD ointments or gels that you can use topically to treat muscle or joint soreness and pain. You simply rub these on the affected area. The jury is still out on how well CBD ointments work, but lots of athletes and fitness enthusiasts find them helpful.

Try This If: You have sore or aching muscles after a workout, or you’re suffering from joint pain.

#4: Inhaling CBD

CBD is also available to vape, as a vape liquid or cartridges. This method has the highest bioavailability (which we’ll come onto in a moment) and also means that you’ll start to feel the effects of CBD quickly.

Try This If: You enjoy vaping and/or you want a way to take CBD that lets it kick in within 10 minutes.


Some methods of taking CBD have a higher bioavailability than others. This means that more of the CBD is absorbed and used by your body. It’s important to take this into account when figuring out the best dose to take. 

Inhaling CBD has the highest bioavailability (likely 34% – 46%, but potentially up to 56%). CBD tinctures used sublingually are around 13% – 19% effective, though some studies put this figure as high as 35%. Oral CBD has a lower bioavailability.

Five Benefits of Taking CBD

Whatever method you use to take CBD, you should see some benefits, including:

#1: Reduced Anxiety

Many CBD users with anxiety find that it helps reduce their symptoms and makes it easier for them to relax.

#2: Better Sleep

CBD can help you to sleep better – though this also means that high doses can cause drowsiness, so be careful about when you take it.

#3: Reduced Pain

CBD can be used to treat chronic pain, and some people find it effective. CBD tends not to have as many side effects as prescription medications, too.

#4: Fewer Epileptic Fits

CBD can be very effective against some rare forms of epilepsy. It can drastically reduce the number of epileptic fits that a person experiences.

#5: Clear Up Acne

CBD can also help against acne, perhaps due to its anti-inflammatory properties. If you have persistent acne, then you may want to try CBD to see if it helps you.


One of the methods of taking CBD discussed above could be perfect for you, so why not give it a try?


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