After spending most of the time indoors within the last year, many Canadians have been anxiously waiting to get outside to enjoy the warmer weather and celebrate the upcoming summer season. Whether you’re spending time at a local park or taking part in a relay race in your own backyard, CLIF has options for every summer fun activity this season.

With summer already in town, the temperatures rising, and the many fun activities to do, energy may be running low sometimes. CLIF has the perfect options to give you the energy that you need to have the best time this summer.

Not every bar is the same. Each of them is crafted to provide specified amounts of protein, fibre, and carbs to give the nutrients the body needs for different activities.

CLIF Bars For The Summer

Made with wholesome ingredients, the original CLIF Bars are a great fuel option for summer activities. They require more energy such as long bike rides or exploring a new trail.  The bars are crafted with 23 vitamins and minerals and made with organic ingredients like rolled oats, fruits, and nuts. They provide a good source of energy, fibre, and protein for active lifestyles. Find them in a variety of tasty flavours such as Chocolate Almond Fudge, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter. They are the best-selling energy bar in the US and Canada for a reason.


For a delicious and satisfying plant-based snack for any moment, CLIF Nut Butter Bars are the perfect option. Enjoy them while hanging out on the back deck or balcony this season. Each bar is made with a blend of organic ingredients such as local Canadian rolled oats and deliciously creamy nut butter. Made with wholesome maple-flavoured goodness, the Maple & Almond Nut Butter Bar is the latest flavour to join the Nut Butter Bar portfolio with flavours like Coconut Almond Butter, Tart Cherry & Cashew Butter and Peanut Butter. They contain 9-11g of whole grains and 5–7g of protein. And they are certified organic and non-GMO.


Of course, you can’t forget about the little ones. Designed to nourish kids in motion, the CLIF Kid Z Bar is a great organic energy snack option. Ideal for activities like playing soccer in the backyard, an afternoon bike ride or a quick bite between play. Not to mention they come in a variety of delicious flavours like Iced Oatmeal Cookie, Chocolate Brownie & Chocolate Chip. Kids need a different combination of nutrients to receive energy fuel. These bars are crafted specially to meet children’s needs. The bars offer a nutritious blend of carbohydrates, fibre, protein, and fat to provide energy for kids’ growing bodies, developing taste buds and active lives. CLIF Kid products never include high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavours. They also feature lower sugar compared to many kids’ bars on the market.

CLIF kid ZBar


Empowering Collaboration

On June 28th, CLIF Bar & Company announced their latest campaign in Canada: “Let’s Move the World”. To inspire more Canadians to move more often, “Let’s Move the World” celebrates the spirit and openness to try, the energy to do, and the nutrition it takes to move the world. To bring the campaign to life, CLIF has partnered with Professional Hockey Player and Philanthropist, P.K. Subban, to kick-start a social media campaign and share his passion for helping Canadians move.

As part of the campaign, CLIF will donate $30,000 to the P.K. Subban Foundation to create positive change and encourage movement in all forms. The P.K. Subban Foundation’s mission is to empower children and families by creating programs that support them during challenging times in their lives.

PK Subban Collab

“I couldn’t be more excited to partner with CLIF and further support The P.K. Subban Foundation”, says Hockey Player P.K. Subban. “To me, movement is all about inspiring change and with CLIF’s donation, we’ll be able to create more programs that help Canadian families overcome barriers”.

To further capture and celebrate the beauty of movement, CLIF will also partner with local Canadian artist, Stephanie McKay. She’ll create custom illustrations on Instagram of a variety of Canadian content creators exuding positive energy.

CLIF Bar & Company continues to be on the move toward doubling its business and doubling its positive impact on the world with other key initiatives.