Snack time never tasted so good!

Attention snack lovers- CLIF’s all-new Maple & Almond Nut Butter Bar is a must-try the next time your snack craving kicks in. This delicious tasting treat is made with wholesome maple syrup- harvested from Canada and the U.S. – and is packed with a balanced mix of ingredients, ranging from local Canadian organic oats to real nut butter.

This plant-based bar is the perfect on-the-go snack to tote with you any time of day. Ideal for nature hikes or road tripping with the family, this certified-organic, non-GMO treat is indulgent and super satisfying. Plus, it features 9-11g of whole grains and 5-7g of protein!

If you’re interested in trying more flavours from the brand, you can! The CLIF Nut Butter Bar is also available in five other tasty flavours, including Coconut Almond Butter, Tart Cherry & Cashew Butter and Peanut Butter.

Retailing for approximately $1.99-$2.29, you can shop the latest CLIF Maple & Almond Nut Butter Bars at major drug, grocery, convenience and natural retailers across Canada this upcoming Spring. With warm weather right around the corner, it’s time to make sure you are fully stocked up on your favourite snacks so you can enjoy them any time of day- whether you’re lounging outside by the pool or taking a stroll around the block.

If you’re in the market for a new must-try snack check out CLIF! The Maple & Almond Nut Butter Bar is sure to be a new favourite!