Winter may be on its way out and summer is just around the corner but you don’t need to stop wearing sweaters and sweatpants just yet. Root, the ultimate comfort brand is bringing back their classic styles of sweaters and sweatpants with retro looks that you need to get your hands on. 

Retro is always such a cool look, and with this new collection Roots definitely hit that nail on the head, with colours like green and yellow, and sweaters like rugby style and crew neck, you’ll be feeling like you’ve been wearing these for years because they never go out of style. 

Men’s Retro Relaxed Crew Sweatshirt 

Women love stealing that perfect sweater from their partners, so why not buy the perfect sweater for yourself instead? The men’s retro relaxed crew sweatshirt is perfect for those summer nights by the bonfire. Coming in 3 very retro colours, you might just want to buy all three for $74. Saffron yellow is very classic and so summery. Egret has the forest green retro logo set on a clean off-white shirt, perfect for those summer days, or even a white party. The last but not least, the navy blazer, this is truly one that brings back memories, a cozy fleece navy sweatshirt to wrap myself in and just relax in on a day at home. 

Women’s Retro Cropped Field Rugby Sweatshirt 

Nothing is more retro than a rugby sweater, and to top it off it is cropped for more of a shape. This woman’s retro cropped sweater isn’t totally cropped, but with a square bottom, it gives more shape and allows a more flattering look. The polo style with the collar and buttons is the perfect piece to throw over jeans or pretty much anything, allowing the sweater to be chicer. Coming in egret the colour pallet is the retro logo in white backing on a strip of classic saffron yellow. Two colour combinations that bring summer to life, at just $68. 

Retro Slim Sweatpants 

Nothing can be more classic and more comfortable than Roots sweatpants. These fleece slim sweatpants are perfect for a summer night, and the best part is the fact that they are slim, keeping the retro to the colour and the logo. Having two front zip pockets and one patch pocket on the back these pants get better and better. With two retro classic colours, you couldn’t ask for

anything better. Deciding between the camp green with a saffron yellow logo, or the navy blazer with the egret logo will be one tough decision. At $74 each, why not get both? 

If Roots is bringing back the classic then you know it’s time to grab yourself some pieces because now these styles will never go out of style, and they will last a lifetime.