With the clocks turning and the sun shining a little longer, it’s time to brighten up our wardrobe with Root’s new pastel collection. Take those dark, heavy clothes and put them away until next year, because right now we need colours and we need comfort. 

Roots have always been Canada’s favourite lounge/activewear company and without one of their track pants or hoodies, can you even consider yourself Canadian? Well, if you want to join the gang now is a perfect time. This new collection brings all the classics back and even adds a few new styles. 

Starting off strong with the classic crewneck is always a good idea, and it comes in classic colours or new pastels. An original Roots fan would always go for the salt and pepper, but for this year why not try one in desert sage, or true violet, and maybe even the pale mauve mix. All these colours are the perfect start to summer and make everything seem a little brighter. 

With the classic crew neck, might as well make it a complete pair with the classic sweatpants. These pants are so iconic and made for everyone, in a range of colours from seasonal to classic you can choose anywhere between 6 and 18 colours. All ranging from xxs-xxl these fleece track pants come with a drawstring waist and elastic cuffs and pockets! Pockets are always a deal-breaker for any sweatpant wearer. 

The best part about this pastel collection is the retro style shirts, coming in at long or short sleeves these tees are a great piece for an everyday summer wardrobe. With three colours, saffron, camp green and pale mauve, these tees are woven yarn with a retro crest logo, averaging between $38-40 and are woven for extra reinforcement. 

Everything about this collection looks comfortable and breezy for the summer days and nights whether you’re lounging around or going on an adventure these pieces are a perfect fit for your Canadian summer.