Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist have come forward to announce that they are getting divorced. Did cheating play a factor in this split?

Golden Bachelor Breaking News

According to this TikTok video posted by user @jenniferngoc, Gerry and Theresa recently came forward to address split claims, stating that they are getting a divorce just 3 months after getting married in a televised ceremony.


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Golden Bachelor Divorce

As noted in the video, the pair announced the news on Good Morning America and claimed that they “mutually” agreed to dissolve their marriage. As the TikToker notes, the pair have reportedly been in a long-distance relationship since they got married, in which split rumors have been swirling, recently.

Now, fans are curious as to what might’ve caused the split- was it just long distance? Or did something happen between the two?

As previously reported, and outlined in this video posted by user @createchaosgossip below, Gerry seemingly came under fire when it was allegedly revealed that he reportedly had a long-term relationship with a woman after his wife died. However, Gerry had seemingly initially claimed that he didn’t date after his wife’s passing which added further fuel to the fire. As noted in the first TikTok video above, there were also alleged rumored claims of other women coming forward saying that they dated Gerry before he went on the Golden Bachelor.


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Golden Bachelor Divorce Reddit

This Reddit thread featured predictions before the GMA announcement, and users thought that the duo was coming forward to announce either a health-related issue or split.

Golden Bachelor Long Distance

Although we don’t know for certain what led to the two divorcing, it seems as though long distance may have played the biggest factor in the pair’s split as it seemed as though the two weren’t willing to relocate. There is no concrete evidence to support claims that Gerry or Theresa were unfaithful in their marriage so it is unclear if cheating rumors and claims have any truth to them.

What are your thoughts on the Golden Bachelor divorce?

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