Like many other Islamic countries, Dubai has strict rules regarding any sort of gambling or betting. UAE, being a country that has a vast show of wealth, it is hard to imagine that it is not friendly to gamblers. However, gambling in the billionaires retreat is indeed a farfetched idea. Even though the UAE welcomes tourists from all over the world, access to gambling facilities can be tough, but not impossible. 

The Gambling Scene of the UAE 

Primarily, UAE tends to promote against the act of gambling because the religion of Islam prohibits the act of gambling. Therefore, you will find that there are not many gambling activities in the country, but playing online casinos like JackpotCity Casino is possible. However, you must consider that the country generates sheer wealth just because of tourism alone. For this reason, you will find gambling avenues in the UAE that are under certain restrictions of the government. These avenues are mostly open to western tourists and not particularly the residents. 

You can find that UAE has gambling facilities for tourists in some of its cities. The best city in the UAE to gamble is Dubai. It is a popular retreat for the tourists to enjoy themselves, gamble and party.  Therefore, you will find plenty of casinos and gambling avenues in this city. You can enjoy yourself and have an enticing gambling time with your friends. 

Gambling in Dubai

It is very likely, that you will come across gambling resorts in Dubai if you try to look for them. However, it is not permissible to gamble using any other currency apart from US dollars. You must have dollars if you want to gamble. Any currency other than dollar is not permissible. Therefore, before you enter into a casino resort in Dubai, you should exchange the official Dirham for the US dollars. 

In Dubai, you can find four casinos; The Constellation is by far the most biggest and splendid casino resort in Dubai. It is often the venue for most big celebrities and influential people. It ticks all the boxes in terms of casino facilities, luxury, and glamour, offering table games, including a slot machine.  Furthermore, it has poker games alongside an astounding view. Therefore, you should opt for Dubai to fulfill your gambling needs. 

Online Casino in UAE 

When it comes to online gambling, the consequences concerning its legality increases, only a few online casinos, including Casino Universe,  cater to players from the UAE. However, it is advisable not to engage in online gambling activities in the UAE. The penalties speak for themselves, if the authorities penalize you for online gambling, you can go to prison for a long time and have to pay a hefty fine.  

To Conclude 

If you are UAE resident, you should control your desires to gamble. You can always have access to lotteries and get a chance to win a huge sum of money from them. For tourists from the west, it is much easier to perform gambling activities using dollars. 

According to the current situation, the regulations regarding casinos and gambling in Dubai are strict. Trying to gambling in the Emirates will always be a dodgy pursuit. Despite the shaky legalities, the increasing amount of western influence is making the cities of the emirates friendly towards gambling.