Fun and entertainment are a large part of the human experience and casinos have been a large part of fulfilling that need for the last few centuries. Las Vegas along boasts over 350 casinos with over 100,000 table games and multitudes of slots. There is something that caters to almost everyone no matter their need. 

Every gambler wants the best experience they can get when they head out to enjoy the casino. They should. After all, they are spending their hard-earned money on games. Not all casinos are the same and not all are easily accessible for gamblers. To enjoy the best casino experience, a gambler must understand which casinos offer the best experience and where to find them. Here are some of those. 

The Venetian Macao

Opened in 2007, the Venetian Macao is the world’s largest casino and sixth biggest structure in the world located in the city of Macao, known as the “Monte Carol of the Orient”. The majestic structure cost about $2.4billion to construct and with that, few luxuries were spared for the seasoned gambler. It boasts over 3,000 slots and 750 table games. After all the fun and games, every guest would love to find a great place to rest and the Venetian Macao is more than up to the task with luxurious and 3000 all suite guestroom, restaurants and pools to make the experience even more wholesome. Not even the non-gamblers are left out with gondola rides that take you on rides in the canal system. It has all corners covered.  

Monte Carlo

The best casinos’ list is not a true casino list if Monte Carlo is not on it. Founded in the mid-19th century, In the city of Monaco, located in the territory of a former palace, the Monte Carlo Casino is the place to be for the enthusiastic gambler that can afford it. The former palace was renovated while maintaining the key features to maintain its historic luxurious feel which is one of its unique offering amongst casinos. 

Caesar’s Palace

Built in 1966, in Las Vegas, on 166000 square feet, Caesar’s Palace comes with a plethora of attractions to enjoy in Sin City. With 3348 rooms, a massive spa with Roman baths, it imitates Ancient Rome taking you back in time to the days of King Caesar. With several guest rooms and suites, restaurants, cafes and forum shops, every visitor is taken care of, gambler or not. 

Desert Cave Hotel

Who would have imagined that we could gamble in caves? Constructed in 1984, Desert Cave Hotel, is one casino that stands out for literally being carved out of a rock. Located in Australia, the hotel was carved out of rocky hills. While this restricts the number of visitors, slots and tables it offers, it sells a unique experience of gambling in a rather intriguing environment with the luxuries of a hotel. 

Vera and John

Covid 19 put a pause to many of the long travels many gamblers enjoyed on the way to their favourite casinos. Despite this, gambling has remained relevant because of technology that has pushed it closer to home and on our mobile devices. Vera and John, here, is an online casino that is in on this new direction of casinos with countless slot, table and live casino games to tickle the fancy of any gambler. Additionally, if you do not want to use real money, there are free slots in demo mode to play though the cash wins cannot be withdrawn. Part of the draw of online casinos is what they offer to players on signing up and staying on. Bonuses in form of promotions, loyalty programs and competitions are part of the way Vera and John give back to their players. 


It takes a little research for a gambler to choose a great casino to gambler. With all the options of casinos in the world and expenses involved, every gambler must understand which meet their needs the best. Are they looking for a unique experience? Are they looking for limitless slots and table games? Do they want to travel or play at home? Some casinos offer both and others, a bit of both. It is up to the gambler to decide which of these casinos may best suit his need

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