With the hot summer months here to stay, we know everyone strives for effortless, lightweight and heat-proof hair all summer long!

Hairitage is your new summer fling, bringing fun and happiness into styling and treating your hair. Achieve moisturized, nourished and volumized hair with these clean and naturally-derived hair care products at an affordable price! To show you all that you can accomplish this summer, here are some top Hairitage picks to achieve the perfect summer locks!

Magic Dust Texturizing Powder – $ $11.97. This weightless, odourless and colourless texturizing powder adds all the volume you need during those dull hair days. Perfect for on-the-go occasions and adding support to all your summer-styled hair like braids or up-dos.ACV Hair Rinse – $11.97. Say hello to effortlessly soft and shiny hair. This gentle ACV Hair Rinse puts your hair’s health first, which starts with your scalp! Naturally formulated with apple cider vinegar, this product gives a gentle clean and condition to all hair types while preserving your hair’s natural oils. Double Down Co-Wash Shampoo – $11.97. Naturally formulated with grape seed oil, oat peptide and yarrow extract, the Double Down Co-Wash is your two-in-one all-time dream. This product not only cleanses your scalp but also gives that deep hydration we all desire. This versatile product enhances the healthiness and manageability of keeping your summer locks top-notch!

S.O.S. Deep Moisture + Restore Conditioner – $11.97. For all the thick, curly-haired friends craving intense hair hydration, the S.O.S. Deep Moisture + Restore Conditioner is formulated with macadamia oil, marshmallow extract and safflower oil, to provide the highest level of rejuvenation to parched hair. We have to keep our hair hydrated during these summer months too!

Level up your hair care routine this summer with Hairitage hair product, keeping your hair shiny, healthy, and glowing at all times!

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