From clay masks to home findings we think it is safe to say that the best skin (and hair) techniques come from natural and sometimes unconventional ingredients.

But have you heard of the latest beauty secret to hit the scene? There is a tool for your puffy-eyed early mornings called a jade roller that will make you look like you have had a full eight hours of sleep. Here at HOLR we have your best beauty interest in mind, so roll your way into a brighter day with this centuries-old beauty tradition.

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Jade rollers are handled massaging tools that are typically made of to jade stones to boost blood circulation by draining the extra fluid around your eyes. Lymphatic massage is what a jade roller targets, which is a technique that encourages a natural drainage of lymph that carries waste fluids away from the damaged area.

This budget friendly facial tool aids in reducing under eye swelling and help products absorb into your skin better – jade rollers just might be giving cucumbers a run for their money.

If you do not believe us, these rollers have been used by empresses and members of high societies in China since the 17th century (talk about a timeless beauty). The paint roller-type tool features a larger stone for your forehead, cheeks and jaw with a smaller stone for under eyes and around your mouth.

If you have ever had the pleasure of receiving a professional facial then you can confirm the wonderful feeling of having your face messaged. Applying pressure to your face is necessary after straining hours of teeth clenching and squinting the pressure of jade rollers help loosen up facial muscles.

How to Use

There is (more or less) of an art to using a jade roller and you can start by:

  • Letting it sit in your refrigerator for a few hours
  • Using your preferred lotion and serum
  • Roll upwards from your neck towards your forehead.

The coolness of the the stones will feel great against your skin and remember, if you are one to keep up with a beauty routine this low-cost tool is worth its hype.

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