Online shopping has become so popular that you can even online shop for your groceries. Over the last couple of months, many people have overspent their time on online shopping because they were stuck at home with nothing to do. As we have reached post lockdown, both online and instore shopping has come to a sudden halt and sales have started to decrease. As many companies have resituated themselves back into normal lifestyles, nobody is eager to shop anymore. 

We could get into the numbers of things, but from lockdown social media, it was evident that people turned their online addictions into comedic content. 

Everyone can admit they at least purchased one or ten things online during the pandemic. Whether it was board games and life essentials or track pants and tie-dye kits, many people fulfilled the urge to fix their boredom with online shopping. 

It is said that online shopping hit a peak during the pandemic, which was a great help to so many companies who had to physically close stores and businesses. Even people started to buy groceries and deliver food rather than go outside and get it for themselves, allowing for many people and businesses to continue working. 

But now that stores have slowly started to reopen, people have slowly started to stop shopping. Yes, people still grocery shop and buy the occasional gadget or piece of clothing, but for normal online shopping of long lists of wants and needs, the surge has ended. 

Maybe it is because people’s credit card statements are finally due, or they bought enough unnecessary gadgets to last them until the next lockdown, but the online shopping world has collapsed. Once people started to regain their normal lifestyles back like going to work and having the freedom to experience a shopping mall or restaurant, the revenue of online stopping started to slow down. 

Could it be that people missed having the opportunity to go out and experience real shopping? Yes, but it could also just be the time in which shopping slows down, the transition between summer spending leads right into holiday splurging, and everyone is trying to save up for their next Amazon gift list.