This brand is taking the beauty and skincare industry by storm!

Boutique Skin Envie (BSE) is a revolutionary company comprised of a dynamic mother-daughter duo that is looking to change the face of the beauty industry. 

Founded by Beate von Huene and her daughter, Natascha Schillinger, this is a truly inclusive brand that is made for everyone – no matter your skin colour, age, or genetics, BSE has solutions for everyone and is committed to catering to all. Although the brand primarily sells skincare, they also focus on suncare, haircare, and makeup, giving clients a well-rounded selection of options to choose from.

Today, HOLR had the opportunity to sit down with the duo to chat through all things BSE and how they are revolutionizing beauty and skincare with their brand.

Can you talk to us about the BSE experience? What can clients expect and what makes it unique?

The skin is the largest organ and it’s largely misunderstood. Consumers do not know what to do with their skin and generally rely on friends & family, influencers, salespeople, and/or dermatologists to give product advice. Many consumers are exasperated, and desperate for advice and solutions – with no “real” place to turn. There is a general lack of education and information available regarding what to do and how to do it.

Skincare results achieved from professional brands will far outweigh those with retail brands (due to approach, expertise, and formulations). Professional brands are recommended by educated skincare experts (i.e diplomaed aestheticians) following a complete consultation and skin analysis. As the professional market is still very small, combined with a lack of awareness, there is an enormous opportunity for consumers to discover professional brands and what they can offer in terms of results and solutions. There is a misperception that professional brands are more expensive. Due to specialized formulations and fewer products is used, pricing is extremely competitive to the retail industry. It is important to note that there is a wide variety of price positions (as with the retail industry). Brands range from extremely competitive to luxury in positioning. Ultimately, there is something for everyone.

What makes BSE unique?

We are so much more than an ecomm company (that’s the easy part!). BSE is a virtual and online medispa, with a mission to educate, consult and provide solutions for Canadian consumers. 

We strive to bring awareness to this niche market, with real-life success stories. Our goal is to offer solutions to people in their skincare journeys, through curated and personalized routines (resulting in realistic skin improvement, treatment, and prevention). Beate brings over 30 years of experience in the professional skincare industry, having owned and operated a Canada-wide skincare distribution center until July 2019. With this broad industry experience, Beate understands its strengths and weaknesses – and most importantly where the opportunity lies to bring awareness and truly help people. With Beate an entrepreneur and single mother, Natascha grew up in skincare. With her knowledge of sales, social media, and industry trends it was the perfect fit. This dynamic duo has the complete recipe to bring awareness to Canadians that there are solutions that can prevent and treat all areas of concern.

We offer a customized approach, through education and consultation:

E-Skin Lab: we have a team of medical aestheticians who take virtual medispa appointments with consumers across Canada, by zoom (or other). There is a screening questionnaire when booking an appointment. This is required in preparation and to understand the customer before the appointment. During the appointment, we discuss and review everything related to skin (including diet, health, and lifestyle, etc.). We learn as much as possible about the person, their current skincare routine, their challenges, the products they are using, what they want to achieve (results) and where their commitment level lies, etc.

We aim to make it fun and easy, therefore, we developed the Skin Quiz. Through a series of questions, we help point the consumer in the right direction as to which appointment is most suited for them (The Consult, The Advanced Skin Analysis, or The Virtual Treatment).

Glow Points: with every purchase, consumers earn 5% Glow Points which can be used towards $$ on future purchases or accumulated to receive free a product(s). We ship across Canada, in 1 – 5 business days (average is 2-3). Canada Post expedited shipping is free on orders of $99+. We offer samples with every order.

IG Lives: (and coming soon a podcast/YouTube channel) focus on informative education, helping people, and having fun at the same time.

Mother-daughter team: we have a very natural, healthy, and consultative approach to skincare and aging. We are all about embracing beauty, at every stage and age. 

How does BSE conduct its consultations?

As above, through zoom (or other). Now with the SkinEnvie MediSpa & Boutique, we can offer this in person for people living locally.

Give us some background information on the products available at BSE? What are some of your favourites?

Professional-grade brands: which means cosmeceutical to medical-grade, found in service-based establishments (day spas, medispas, destination/resort spas, MD offices, skin clinics). We carry over 70 professional brands (skincare, body care, makeup, supplements, select hair care, and accessories).

See our BSE Picks with our top sellers and faves here

Top BSE brands are:

    • Vivier Skin
    • Biologique Recherche
    • ZO Skin Health
    • SkinCeuticals
    • Eminence
    • Image Skin
    • Aquafolia
    • SkinMedica
    • Yonka
    • Esthederm
    • GM Collin

What can clients expect when receiving a ‘realistic routine’ from the consultation?

Following the virtual consultation, we send a follow-up email, with 2 complete and personalized options (A and B). Each option includes everything we recommend (A to Z), to assist our customers with their skin, through a daily (am/pm) routine, to help treat and achieve desired results. 

The appointments range from $25-$40-$45 and they can be credited back when our customer purchases products from BSE – however, there is no obligation to purchase.

We offer two options to provide variation (brand, concept, pricing). We follow our client’s post-appointment and they are free to reach out to us for additional assistance as required. We have a long-term vision at BSE and our objective is to help people for life.

Can you share some more details on the SkinEnvie Medispa & Boutique opening this July?

SkinEnvie MediSpa & Boutique officially opened on July 5. Please visit our website 

SkinEnvie MediSpa & Boutique offers a wide variety of advanced and holistic face and body treatments. There is something for everyone, and once again our vision and strategy align with the missions and values of Boutique Skin Envie.We have medical direction with Dr. D’Ignazio and Tammi D’aoust, who bring many years of experience with injectables in medical aesthetics. We also have all the latest technologies: Bela MD, Morpheus8, IPL, Body FX, Forma, etc.

The ownership is also slightly different, featuring two (2) mother-daughter duos; Beate von Huene and Natascha Schilliger; and Roberta Bennett and Alexa Barron.