Heidi Agan Kate Lookalike Photo

With the first video of the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, surfacing online people are knee-deep in conspiracy theories yet again that it is not really her in the video. The video shows a happy Kate walking out of the Windsor Farm Shop, which is located a short drive away from Adelaide Cottage where Kate and William live with their children on Windsor Castle grounds. In the video, Kate Middleton is seen carrying grocery bags as she chats with William.

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Heidi Agan Kate Middleton Look Alike Conspiracy

People are speculating that it is not Kate due to her carrying grocery bags when the RH comms team has reported she’s resting until Easter, due to the pace of her walk and her appearance. As a result, this has led some people to start saying that it is not Kate Middleton look alike Heidi Agan in the video and not Kate. People online are also pointing to her frame and cheekbones saying they are more prominent than usual but given that she had a serious operation just in January, it isn’t unlikely that she would have lost weight and just appears thinner in the face than she normally does.

Heidi Agan Kate Lookalike Photo

Did Heidi Agan Appear in Farmers Market Video Instead of Kate Middleton

Given all the drama and conspiracies surrounding the Royal Family at this time due to Kate Middleton’s absence and the looming alleged BBC Royal announcement, we don’t think the Royal Family PR team would risk suck a misstep again. Kate is also scheduled to appear at Easter, which is just around the corner so it is quite possible that she is already almost completely healed and that is why she is carrying grocery bags upon leaving the store.

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