“This Is Us” star Lonnie Chavis is sitting down with HOLR to discuss his latest projects and passions.

HOLR is sitting down with award-winning actor, Lonnie Chavis– best known for his role as young Randall Pearson on the hit TV show “This Is Us”- to talk about his exciting new roles. Lonnie stars in “How I Learned to Fly” as well as the new Paramount+ series, “Lawmen: Bass Reeves,” and, today, he is giving HOLR the inside scoop on what we can expect when tuning in.

From how he got his start to his newest projects to date to what’s next for the rising star, keep reading to learn all about how Lonnie Chavis is making waves as an actor in the industry.

Talk to us about how you got your start as an actor in the industry.

I was 6 years of age when I started showing interest. My mom didn’t know a lot about the industry, nor did she have a lot of information about it at the time. She also didn’t know if I was serious about it or not. She gave me some time and space to see if I was serious about it, and a year later she got me an agency. My love for acting just grew going for auditions and here I am!

Lonnie Chavis

You played young Randall Pearson on “This Is Us.” Tell us what this experience was like.

Fun fact, I actually booked that at 8! Shortly after booking that guest recurring role on “This Is Us” I also booked a pilot called “White Famous”.  While I was working on This Is US, the pilot got picked up. So I was going back and forth to “White Famous” and I was working on both. I really gained a lot of intel and info on the industry. “This Is Us” went on to be an award-winning TV show which took me to award shows, carpets- it was a dream at 8 years old to be doing all of that!

“How I Learned To Fly” just hit theatres. What can you tell us about this project?

What I can tell you about this project is that it’s about love, brotherhood, trials and tribulations, and triumph. I play Eli, he’s high on the spectrum. It’s about the characters depending on one another and leaning on each other- keeping each other’s lives from falling apart. It’s really just about love.

Lonnie Chavis

Your incredible talent and versatility as an actor have also been showcased in the new Paramount+ series “Lawmen: Bass Reeves.” What can we expect when tuning in?

Y’all can expect action and family! I didn’t even know about the story of “Lawmen: Bass Reeves.” I feel like it’s a story that needs to be heard and out there. If I would’ve known about him when I was younger, this would’ve been someone I could’ve looked up to. Y’all can tune in to see the action!

We hear that you’re also venturing into the music industry as an artist and producer. Talk to us about this passion of yours.

The passion comes from storytelling. I do that with acting but with music, I feel like the music really guides and helps put the story together more. That’s what I am trying to do with my music. I moved to Austin so I am under mentorship. I am really just soaking up all the knowledge and everything that I can right now. I released 4 singles, and I am working on pushing out an album right now. I am trying to soak up everything I can.

What’s next for you?

“How I Learned To Fly” is out in theatres right now, so everybody tune in! “Lawmen: Bass Reeves” is on Paramount+ right now, too! Going back to the music, my goal is to merge my acting and my music together. I want to score a movie, and I want to be a music supervisor. I really just want my music and TV shows and movies altogether. If anything has a story- I’m listening to it.

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