All about the founder, her treatments, and the red carpet facial celebrities swear by.

Celebrity skincare expert and founder of SKINBYVEE, Vee Mistry, is spilling all of her top celeb facial secrets in her latest interview with HOLR. Vee’s facials are not just for celebs as she has the unique ability to change the skin, taking a holistic approach to skincare by observing gut health, mental health and then customizing each facial to her client’s needs.

Check out the interview with Vee below as she fills us in on her skincare journey, red-carpet do’s and don’ts – just in time for TIFF season – and her signature no-needle facial. 

As an expert in the beauty and skin industry, can you tell us about your journey to creating SKINBYVEE? 

Creating SKINBYVEE has been a 25-year journey. SKINBYVEE was conceived taking the following factors into consideration as I felt these were some of the most important factors missing when dealing with skin concerns: skin education, individualized prescriptions, approaching the skin not just aesthetically but looking deeper into gut health as well as mental wellbeing. And most importantly, a customized and tailored approach to each facial treatment, each time a client visits. It’s these factors that drive results for clients struggling with skin concerns, finally allowing every client to achieve healthy, happy, strong skin. 

How do you customize your clients’ visits?

The starting point is understanding the client’s skin concerns, thereafter I take a deeper dive into their medical history, stress factors, and gut health. I then look at what skincare they are currently using at home. After this initial conversation, I will begin with their facial, I will customize by cocktailing and layering masks, serums, and modalities such as LED Lights, Microcurrent, Dermaplaning, and even ultrasonic, all while watching the skin and how it is responding. Remember, the skin has a language that tells us what it needs and wants. It is my job to tap into this and this is why customizing is key. One of my biggest differentiators is that every facial is a cold facial, never using steam or hot towels. It is this added benefit that allows every client to leave with glowing radiant skin. 

Your signature no-needle facial boasts incredible results and is celeb-approved. What can we expect when receiving this skin treatment? 

This is a facial where you will feel like you had the best 2-hour power nap of your life. Every sensory is activated, my signature facial massage will increase circulation, lift and sculpt the face and with my unique layering of LED lights and ultrasonic technology as well as the intensive masks your skin is guaranteed to literally glow. My clients have gone from the treatment table to hair and make-up and hit the red carpet on the same day! 

TIFF Season is officially upon us! What are some red carpet do’s and don’ts when it comes to skincare prep?


  • Drink plenty of water
  • More sleep
  • Exercise to get those endorphins going
  • Meditate
  • Cold water when cleansing and cooler showers
  • Sleep in masks is a must to wake up glowing
  • Double cleansing every night
  • Using more Essence- I love these they really help hydrate and prep skin


  • Less salt intake 1 week leading up to the red carpet as it can tend to make the face puffy
  • Cut out Alcohol 1 week prior as well it can increase inflammation in the skin
  • No picking the face
  • Limiting and controlling stress
  • Over exfoliate skin- 1-2x weekly only
  • No peels or microdermabrasion treatments

Can you share any tips and tricks to getting celeb skin?

Absolutely- Double cleansing is non-negotiable every evening, this helps prep the skin properly so activities can penetrate. Only wash your face at the sink and with cold water, this is a true game-changer as it helps bring down inflammation, calm and soothe and regulate blood flow. Avoid over-exfoliating and ALWAYS protect the skin with SPF, daily. Finally, my clients are always encouraged to incorporate my face massage technique whilst cleansing and again this really helps keep skin glowing.  

SKINBYVEE is revolutionizing the beauty industry with skincare innovations and treatments, so what’s next for you and the brand? 

Well… I am in the process of launching my first facial tool and I am very excited about this. I created it taking the core fundamental of my approach to skin so that clients can achieve a similar lift and sculpt as well as the radiance post-SKINBYVEE facial. It has taken me some time to develop this tool and I can’t wait for you all to have one at home. 

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