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HOLR: What was your first designer purchase? 

EVL: A Coach signature purse back in high school. Y’all know the ones. 

HOLR: What inspired your passion for fashion & styling? 

EVL: I love that personal style is an extension of oneself. There are no rules. I love the organic creative process that comes with simply dressing yourself — whether it’s for a shoot with a specific mood board in mind, or simply shuffling through your closet and picking out an outfit in the morning. Fashion and styling play significant roles in our everyday lives whether we realize it or not. You can be whoever you want and speak volumes with just the clothes on your back. SO, to answer the question, there was no singular element that inspired me. Flipping through magazine spreads, books, watching costumes in film and theatre, and how designers/creatives/directors/photographers/stylists & the list goes on – can manipulate and cultivate a story and culture around clothing is fascinating. Makes me feel some type of way. 


HOLR: How often do you travel and what has been your most loved place so far?  

EVL: I travel fairly often, and as much as I can. Last year I believe I did 15 countries or so. Ideally, I’d like to be traveling for half the month, and home for the other half. I can’t sit still for too long. My favorite cities to go back to time and time again are Paris & London. They’re the crème de la crème. 

HOLR: How was the transition into becoming a full-time blogger? 

EVL: When I think back on it, it was an exciting time actually. To come to that realization that this is what you love doing and to flip the switch to dive head-in is pretty amazing. Granted there were also moments of feeling overwhelmed, since now you’re all in. It was intimidating, but liberating. Lots of hours, lots of ideas, lots of new faces. One of the greatest elements of going full-time is also being your own boss, structuring your own days & hours, being multifaceted & wearing multiple hats – which I love. I was that person ingroup projects that did all the work – and happily, so… 


HOLR: Describe your process for maintaining a cohesive Instagram feed? 

EVL: I used to be hyper focused on having a cohesive Instagram feed with a specific colour story, and although, this works for some and does make a fluid colour story, I have been focusing less on this as of late. The vibe or mood I’m aiming for varies from photo to photo, which also mirrors my style because I like to experiment with different looks. However, I’m traveling to a destination, I have a mood board or story/ color story in mind, so I plan my outfits and shots in mind to maintain fluidity in that aspect. For example, when I went to Cuba, I packed my wardrobe with vibrant colors, straw hats, light silks to compliment the scenic streets & Spanish colonial architecture of Havana. 

HOLR: Favourite piece of clothing you’ve recently purchased? 

EVL: A pair of transparent smoked vinyl Fiorucci pants from Opening Ceremony. The one’s I’m wearing in the photo! 

HOLR: Tips for anyone looking to begin blogging consistently? 

EVL: Do it for yourself. Do it because you love it and it excites you. Be consistent. Set short and long term goals. Be stubborn with your goals, but flexible on how to get there. Be patient and trust the process. Stay inspired. Stay true to you, because you will be pulled in different directions. Focus on what you’re doing and how you can continue to grow. Have a solid support system and support others. Have fun! 

HOLR: Your three staple pieces for spring? 

Off-shoulder tops, high-waisted wide-leg pants, lightweight oversized blazer. 


Ellen V. Lora is a prominent influencer and fashion figure in the instagram community. To check out her styles and blog, follow her on instagram @ellenvlora


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