While you may already know that learning a new language has many benefits for travelling and keeping your mind sharp, there are also a number of ways that language learning with leading language app, Babbel, can not only improve cognitive functions but also help manage your stress. Listed below are a number of ways that multilingualism is linked to a healthy mind and overall wellbeing.

Increases ability to process large amounts of information

As a result of the consistent mental activity that comes with processing more than one language, studies have shown that multilingual’s are generally better at analyzing their surroundings, multitasking and problem-solving. Learning more than one language can also increase your attention span and train your brain to process large amounts of information more efficiently.  

Enhances concentration supplemented by meditation

With continued practice, meditation can increase your concentration and allows you to focus on specific tasks, including studying a new language. Meditation is also known to assist with your information processing time, so as you study, the rate at which you can recall words and make grammatical decisions increases. 

Creates an increase in grey matter volume

Grey matter is where neurons communicate with each other, and as the neurons continue to fire, the network of pathways are strengthened, allowing your mind to strengthen. Multilingualism and studying a new language make gray matter denser, which is an indication of a healthier brain!

Fosters creativity and challenges the mind

Learning a new language increases your creative activity, encourages you to tap into this part of your brain, thus challenging the mind to detect new patterns, recognize new sounds and push the abilities of our own memory.

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