The international retailer specializing in body, face, fragrance and home products recently announced the creation of a fund to support ecosystems that are severely affected by natural disasters.

World-renowned beauty retailer, L’OCCITANE, has vowed to protect the biodiversity of future generations through the announcement of the company’s Ecosystem Restoration Fund. The L’OCCITANE Ecosystem Restoration Fund aims to respond to climate emergencies and will be financed through a voluntary internal donation campaign funded by its shareholders.

Sustainability efforts and sensible sustainable thinking has always been at the heart of L’OCCITANE, since its inception in 1976. The L’OCCITANE sustainable ingredients department and the L’OCCITANE Foundation (est. 2006) have been actively involved in conserving local plant species, preserving traditional skills and supporting local communities. The brand has also adopted a holistic approach to involve all of its stakeholders on a mission to raise awareness surrounding reducing one’s environmental impact at all stages of the value chain.

L’OCCITANE’s CEO, Reinold Geiger, stated “as responsible business leaders, we need to do our part to help rebuild a health ecosystem for generations to come.”
In the wake of recent natural disasters, such as the devastating fires in the Amazon and Australia, L’OCCITANE has kick-started sustainability efforts with the Ecosystem Restoration Fund, in the hopes to be able to directly respond to environmental disasters as they unfold. For instance, €200,000 (over $250,000 CAD) has been donated as immediate contribution to tree-planting and agroforestry schemes as a means to help restore Australia’s landscape.

This pledge to set up a support fund to help finance long-lasting projects dedicated to the regeneration of damaged ecosystems demonstrates the brand’s willingness to deepen its commitment to environmental sustainability.

L’OCCITANE is an industry leading example of how more companies should strive to support the longevity of our ecosystem by investing in restorative efforts. We only have one planet and one chance to do what we can to ensure it remains healthy for future generations.

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