Just in time for the holidays, Cloud House is a unique and tasty new addition at the LCBO. 

Cloud House is a magical infusion of cold brew coffee and rum that offers a perfectly balanced flavour. There’s no better way to spice up this holiday season than with this delicious blend that can be enjoyed over ice with tonic or to add a twist to a classic cocktail. 

Finely crafted rum is aged on the Caribbean shore and expertly combined with handpicked, cold brewed coffee from  high-altitude farms from  Colombia. The coffee farms are nestled among the beautiful peaks of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta  where  100% Arabica coffee beans at over 4,000 ft. Located just above the clouds, Cloud House has a  view overlooking coffee growing 100% Arabica coffee beans.

Cloudhouse rum LCBO

This irresistible rum and cold brew coffee infusion creates a perfectly balanced Spirit with hints of salted caramel from the sea breeze, nutty vanilla and red berry notes with a smooth oak finish.

This spirit is the perfect addition to your at home bar for hosting holiday parties or for enjoying an after dinner cocktail. It also makes for a great holiday gift for the spirit connoisseurs in your life or for anyone that enjoys a cocktail.

Cloud House launches in LBCO this November. Check out some of our favourite recipes below.


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