Regardless of whether your marriage is wholly blissful or a little rocky, it is quite likely that you and your spouse would like to improve it. No marriage is perfect and there are a lot of avenues for improving communication, trust, and other staples of a healthy relationship, but did you know that learning meditation and practicing it regularly can also do good for you and your marriage?

Sure, meditation is unlikely to solve all your problems, but it can combine with other strategies to contribute to a better marriage. BetterHelp also has some great resources and articles that you may also find helpful on a variety of topics related to marriage regardless of how well meditation works for you and your partner. 

Meditation can be beneficial in a lot of ways, but most people think of it as a personal endeavor that can be good for only self-improvement, but there are a lot of reasons that it can help with marriage and improve the connection, communication, and more between you and your spouse. 

Living in the Moment

A lot of times we get caught up in the past and the future. While it is important to plan for the future of your marriage and build off the past, meditation can help you experience the moment without constant worry with other distractions. Meditating allows you to train your mental capacity to avoid bothersome thoughts and truly live in the moment. 

Then, you can enjoy the time that you spend with your spouse more and make better emotional connections. A lot of couples find that they lose their ability to live immediately in the moment with their partner, which contributes to a loss of excitement compared to earlier in the relationships. Meditation may help to bring that excitement and passion back by allowing you to see the infatuation by living in the experience minute to minute. 


Meditation can help us avoid extreme reactivity. While your spouse may get upset or say something that hurts our ego, meditation can help us to become less reactive so that we do not end up saying or doing something that we will regret later. 

Practicing meditation every day can help you become more patient and understanding of your partner’s words and behaviors. This can help the bond grow and the relationship bloom without reactivity or high levels of anxiety. 

Personal Improvement

The personal improvements that you can achieve through meditation can also help to boost positive features in a marriage. Having time to meditate and focus on yourself can give you the personal space that you need to process information and relax.

In addition, meditation can boost your self-esteem that can help to boost confidence. You may also find that you gain insight into your thoughts and feelings that allow you to understand more about your partner. Finally, sharing those insights and feelings can also help to grow the connection between you and your spouse. 


Some studies show that meditation can promote and nurture positivity. At least one study shows that meditation can improve the symptoms associated with depression. Whether you are positive with yourself or with your spouse, being optimistic and in a good mood can surely help you improve your marriage. 


Meditation can help you gain perspective and identify positive traits in other people. In turn, these benefits can help you grow your empathetic feelings for other people and the things that motivate them. This can lead you to a better understanding of your partner and the things that make them happy or make them mad, which can help to improve the relationship and interactions between you and your spouse. 

“Knowing that someone respects and appreciates you is likely to help you feel more relaxed so that you can be yourself,” says relationship expert Laura Doyle. If you approach upsets or misunderstandings with a sense of curiosity and empathy for your partner, rather than anger or frustration, they are more likely to feel heard. The relaxation you can achieve from regular mediation will help you get in a state of empathy and will in turn improve communication with your spouse and your overall relationship.

This can also help you be more grateful for the things that your partner does for you, which can lead to better satisfaction in the relationship. You may also find that meditation allows you to stop playing on your phone or doing other things in the company of your spouse. Instead, you may enjoy being with them alone without distraction.


Meditation can help you reduce stress, improve the connection with your spouse, get better sleep, and be more patient and positive. All of those benefits can give a boost to your marriage and contribute to a lasting, healthy bond. 

Published by HOLR Magazine.