The beauty of living in a technologically advanced society is that you can develop a co-dependent relationship with your smartphone. I mean, sure, ‘doomscrolling’ is not good for you but you know what would be great? If we can use our phones to develop a better, more productive lifestyle… oh wait! You can! 

Top Wellness Apps to Download

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If you’ve been having trouble focusing lately or need constant reminders to finish a task, or maybe you need help in decompressing, then lucky for you, there’s an app for that! 

Below are some of the top wellness app we think you should download! 

Top Wellness Apps to Download

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Exhale App 

The Exhale app is an “emotional well-being app for BIWOC by BIWOC.” Founded by Katara McCarty, Exhale was created with the idea that the issues and hardships that the Black and Brown communities face are taken into consideration in regards to their mental health. McCarty felt that the emotional well-being apps she used before were not catering to her as a black woman especially in light of the recent Black Lives Matter movement last year. 

The Exhale App has five well-being practices such as guided meditation, guided visualizations, guided breathwork, coaching talks, and daily affirmations. 

Exhale App is available for download on iOS and Android for free. 

Top Wellness Apps to Download

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While bad habits die hard, this habit-tracker app will motivate you to form good habits. Streaks allow users to set up to six tasks. The goal is to build a streak of consecutive days and each task is customizable to your needs. You can set up which days of the week you would like your task to take place and for how many times per day you would want to complete each task. For fitness-related tasks like running, the app automatically connects with Apple Health App.

For only $6.99CAD, Streaks is available on iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac. 

Top Wellness Apps to Download

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Considered to be one of the great time management apps for students, Flipd is a productivity app that is designed to make you happy and focused. Flipd keeps track of your productive activities like 10-minute journaling, or 3-hour study session. Each goal is customizable and can be easily organized in the app’s activity library. The app allows users to join study groups with friends and other users around the world. Other features include free background lo-fi ambient music to listen to while working, productivity insights to visualize your progress, and the ability to host live group events with friends. Flipd is available in both iOS and Android for free with in-app purchases. 

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